6 Things To See In London

Well, hi!

As I spoke about last week, as an expat you're constantly experiencing the feeling of being both on the inside and outside of a country. Now, discussing that topic is like going into a rabbit hole, so let's save it for another day and focus on the pretty pictures.

Even though I moved from Brooklyn to London almost a year and a half ago, there are still so many parts of the city that I've yet to explore. So, each week I'll take you with me around the city, recapping on Mondays with some of the top things to see in London. This week, that list includes the Buckingham Palace gates, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and some of the best coffee in the capital. 

Green Park, London - secondfloorflat.com
Green Park, London - secondfloorflat.com
Piccadilly, London - secondfloorflat.com
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London - secondfloorflat.com
Store Street Espresso, London - secondfloorflat.com
London cat - secondfloorflat.com

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