Beauty Box: The Wet Brush

Here's the deal: I never used to brush my hair. Like, ever. In fact, on a good day, my hair used to resemble a used-up doll's: slightly frizzy, weird kinks all over the place, tangles that would make your mom cry. 

And then I read this article which taught me that French girls brush their hair so I started brushing mine.

Since then I've had a slight obsession with brushes. Obviously, when I decided to start brushing my hair, I bought the cheapest one I could find and it's left me less than thrilled. Enter Krista, the SFF beauty resident who's shared her tips on a brand new brush that works on both wet and dry hair. Ooh la la.

Product Name: The Wet Brush

Price: $8.99

What's It For? Getting out tangles in wet (or dry) hair.

Level of Difficulty (ie how difficult is it for the average bear to use): Very easy

Will it change my life? Yes! No matter how tangled your hair is, it will literally glide though painlessly.

Additional comments: Your hair is in its weakest state when its wet, so it's very important to avoid breakage by using a tool like The Wet Brush to smoothly get out the post-shower tangles. For me, this works better than any large tooth comb I have tried. Take it in the shower too and brush your conditioner through your hair - it'll feels amazing afterwards.