Dresses By Bird

The weather has been unseasonably warm in London lately. By that I mean that it feels like real-deal summer rather than a British summer – we're even set to hit the 30s C / 90s F degree mark today. This is the hottest, sunniest week I've seen since moving to London and I'm over the moon (sun?) about it.

Cue wearing all of the sundresses, immediately. Summer dresses have a way of seemingly solving all of your problems, don't they? They're so easy, so comfortable, and there's so much opportunity for chicness. 

Just in time, Bird – which is a bit of an establishment in the world of Brooklyn boutiques – has launched their first collection. Dresses By Bird will now hang alongside designers like Demy Lee and APIECE APART, and their placement is most certainly well deserve. I love seeing retailers branch out and launching their own collections, and bringing their taste and aesthetic to life. 

These dresses are perfect for summering, whatever that looks like to you. I'm having trouble choosing a favorite but I'd love to hear what yours is. They're all so dreamy, aren't they?

Giveaway: Win A T-Shirt From Maptote!

When I moved from New York to London last year, one of the best gifts I received was a Maptote New York City Denim Tote from my Refinery29 co-workers. Everytime I run errands, I wear it proudly.

Now Maptote is giving you the opportunity to do the same thing, this time by way of a t-shirt. And lucky you, I've teamed up with Maptote to offer one very lucky lady or gent a brand new shirt in the city of their choice!

Maptote T-Shirt / Brooklyn // Second Floor Flat
Maptote T-Shirt / California // Second Floor Flat

Which would you choose? I'm from North Carolina, grew up in Atlanta, will always consider Brooklyn a home, and now live in London. Hopefully you don't have as hard of a decision to make as I do.

Here's how to ENTER: 

1. Follow Second Floor Flat on Twitter and  Facebook

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For a second entry: let us know which city you would choose on either Twitter or Facebook and be sure to tag both Second Floor Flat and Maptote!

Maptote T-Shirt / Texas // Second Floor Flat

The lucky winner will get to choose the city or state of their choice - t-shirts are currently available in LA, Brooklyn, NYC, California, Texas, Portland, and San Francisco. 

Winner will be announced on Monday, November 11th. Sorry, this giveaway is only open to U.S. readers!


Maptote T-Shirt Giveaway / Second Floor Flat

The Hill-Side Meets Backyard Bill

Oh me oh my - this lookbook is what dreams are made of, or at least my dreams.

The Hill-Side, Brooklyn's tie/scarf experts + great-company-namers have teamed up with glorious blogger/photographer Backyard Bill and come up with a to-diiee-for lookbook for The Hill-Side's Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.


The Hill-Side AW13 / Second Floor Flat

The lookbook is titled 12 Brooklyn Apartments and it's just that: 12 realistic but well-styled living spaces, each with pieces from The Hill-Side's collection thrown in the mix. Everything looks natural and like your apartment and the way that you keep your scarves, ties, and handkerchiefs, but so much better. 

The Hill-Side AW13 / Second Floor Flat
The Hill-Side AW13 / Second Floor Flat
The Hill-Side AW13 / Second Floor Flat
The Hill-Side AW13 / Second Floor Flat
The Hill-Side AW13 / Second Floor Flat

It's so nice to see these guys pair up, if not for their perfectly-paired partnership and stylistic expertise then for my own amusement, which is found in the fact that they both seem to love everyday locations, like hills and backyards. 

Be still my beating, bleeding heart. Why can't all lookbooks be this gorgeous?