Bridge & Burn Fall 2016

It's been one week since the results of the U.S. election came through.

While I think there's danger in going back to normalcy too quick (since, as John Oliver will tell you, this is not normal), I do want to continue to use my platforms to support small businesses in every way that I can. Aside from just plain loving the goods that independent brands like Bridge & Burn produce, I think encouraging entrepreneurship and the growth of small-medium size businesses is one of the best things we can do for the economy and each other.

Bridge & Burn | Second Floor Flat

So. While I do have a lot to say about the state of this nation and the world, and I primarily want to champion women and those who need it most right now in all ways possible, I also don't want to lose my focus on giving some love to the very good independent brands out there.

Portland's Bridge & Burn being one of them – who already sets a fine example for all of us in their One Perfect For Good program.

I was lucky enough to work with these very good folks last year. Every single Bridge & Burn piece I own, I wear regularly – meaning maybe a little too much. Add to that rotation the OUTSIDER Tee (fittingly, the name of their fall campaign) and the Joyce in Charcoal and the inside of my closet is close to resembling their flagship store. 



But let's go back to the Joyce. Oh, the Joyce. This coat, picture below, has quickly become my number one fall jacket, thanks to its roomy fit, large pockets, and incredibly warm contrast lining.

As an honorary member of the constantly cold club, I generally end up layering all of my jackets to keep away the chill. Not here, folks – the Joyce has been the perfect companion in this sometimes freezing, sometimes hot November and, I'm sure it will continue to be as the weather cools off even more.

Bridge & Burn | Second Floor Flat
Bridge & Burn | Second Floor Flat


To help stimulate the economy a little bit and encourage some good old fashioned, made in America shopping, the good folks at Bridge & Burn are offering 10% off with code SECONDFLOOR10

If you're looking to take advantage of the discount, I completely recommend the Joyce. Not in the mood for outerwear? Go for the Ellis Pants – aside from being super soft and falling just so, they're also crazy flattering and will cause many a compliment.

Bridge & Burn | Second Floor Flat
Bridge & Burn | Second Floor Flat

And really, who couldn't use a little more positivity these days?

Shop Bridge & Burn with code SECONDFLOOR10 here, follow them here, and learn more about One Perfect For Good here


PSST: I received goods from Bridge & Burn that are worn in this post, but keep in mind this is a brand I love and want to support. Have questions? Let me know.

Bridge & Burn Summer Lookbook

Bridge & Burn released their latest summer lookbook last week and the images are unsurprisingly gorgeous.

Shot along the Oregon coast by photographer Ryan Plett, the lookbook showcases the latest pieces from Bridge & Burn's summer collection. Don't you just love them? This dress has to be my favorite.

You can see the rest of the lookbook (and shop the collection) here.


Bridge & Burn Summer 2015 Lookbook | Second Floor Flat

By The Sea

We went to the sea this weekend. Yesterday, in fact, for a little getaway.

It's easy to forget what a difference time away from the regular routine can do for your state of mind. But this weekend, I was reminded. 

We grabbed a Sunday morning train to Brighton and were seaside in less than an hour. I read "The Girl on the Train" on the way, and naturally felt very meta and smug the whole time.

Easy travel is one of the great things about England – everything is so close and approachable, especially if you're coming from a larger place and are used to flying everywhere.

 In England, you're just a train ride away from the rest of the country.

We arrived by the sea and all was well.  

It's quite a little place, Brighton.

It's close to London but feels a world away, though it's consistently flanked by tourists and Londoners looking for a gasp of fresh air. The main attraction is Brighton Pier – built in 1899 and the only remaining pier after the other two were ruined by storms or burned down.  

The pier is ridiculous and cheesy, full of fried food, rickety carnival rides (including a helter skelter) and gambling arcades. It's abnormal and foreign in the way that beachside piers usually are, but fun to see.

And the views from the pier are breathtaking. The English Channel is a gorgeous, albeit freezing, blue-green, the buildings are creamy white, and in the distance we could see the sun shining on white chalk cliffs. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday. 

For a few hours we wandered around the rocky beach, observed the goings-on at the pier, drank coffee, and ate clotted cream fudge. It was such a treat. 

Adding to my delight for the day were some lovely new goodies that Bridge & Burn were kind enough to send me from Portland. I'd been saving them to wear on an adventure, so naturally they came with me yesterday. 

I wore this with a pair of their new pants – the Ellis in Olive – topped off by a sweater I scored at a Saturday market for £5, and a watch cap. Perfect seaside outfit, don't you think? 

Maybe you want to grab a perfect seaside outfit of your own, or are after a good sundress. Either way, consider heading out on your own adventure – even if it's just for a day trip. I think we all need that every now and then. A quick change of pace, of air, and of mind. 

Luckily, the good folks at Bridge & Burn are offering Second Floor Flat readers 10% of all purchases with code REETZ10 through Sunday, April 12th in honor of the launch of their new line of pants – in case you're looking for something to wear on your next adventure.

For our next little getaway, I'm looking at this dress in Pacific Blue, this killer plaid skirt, and maybe – maybe – another pair of pants. These guys, even?

If you do end up getting something, take note: My Bridge & Burn pants fit perfectly (no joke) so if you need any help with sizing questions hit me up.

Happy shopping, guys!


Photos by D Watterson III

I received product from Bridge & Burn as gifts, but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. (But really. I'm a huge Bridge & Burn fan and am very excited to be working with them.) Thank you for supporting the businesses that support Second Floor Flat!