Let's Talk About Body Image

Let's talk about body image for a second.

Last week, I posted some images from a collaboration I did with yoga + undie line Dear Kate and mentioned that I was hesitant at first to participate. Granted, I wore yoga pants in most of the photos, but if I'm honest I think what scared me the most was not that other people would see me in non-clothing, but that I would have to look at photos of myself. On a camera screen, wearing underwear, in natural light. 

I did it anyway, and as I said, I'm glad that I did. Of course I looked at the photos, but I didn't dwell on them. And that's one of the things I wanted to bring up in this little talk about body image – knowing your comfort level when it comes to your insecurities, and particularly those insecurities surrounding body image.

Maybe you're one of the 7 women out there who are completely comfortable with their bodies and weight in all aspects. I really hope you are.

But if you aren't, there may be certain things that make you feel better about your body than others. Whether it's a dress to avoid because it doesn't make you feel good, or a behavior that makes you self conscious, knowing yourself and knowing what makes you "tick" is a hugely important part of dealing with any insecurity. 

It's probably my age (old) but I'm far more confident about my body than I used to be. At this point, I've also come to the realization that my weight tends to stay within the same 5-7 pound range. I eat right, exercise, and focus on that rather than some of the things I used to focus on. Health = wealth, right?

I've learned that I genuinely feel better when I take care of my body, but still partake in a little treat yo'self action. Because otherwise, what's the point of it all?

Part of this improvement I've experienced in my self image is due to the fact that I've learned what my trigger points are. Trigger points, meaning the things that turn my thoughts about my body from fine to not great. I've learned to avoid things that make me overthink my weight, or that cause me to ask myself questions like: Are my cheeks fuller or is it my haircut? Did I gain fat, or muscle in my legs? How old is that picture of me?

My trigger points all relate to fixation. (Sorry, but not in the psychosexual Freud way.) If I spend too long looking at old photos of myself where I may look thin, or too long looking at new photos of myself that I don't like, or even too long getting ready, a dark cloud starts to settle.

And once settled, the dark cloud tends to stick around, fogging up everything in its wake.

So I actively avoid those activities, and instead focus on the the positives and the things that make me feel good, like pushing myself in yoga and trying new, healthy foods. When I do that, I find the dark clouds clear, and everything falls back into perspective. I avoid dwelling on my hair length, avoid fixating on how full my cheeks are or aren't.

Anyway, it's a topic I've never brought up here before so I figured I'd do it.

How are you guys doing? Are you tired of talking about body image, or is it en evergreen insecurity? If you're ok with sharing, I'd love to hear.


(p.s. – excuse the blurry photos.)