Chic and Really Cheap: Beach Edition

We recently got back from a family trip to Florida. It was lovely, it was sunny, and it was far too short. 


As an American expat in London, I try to soak up the sun as best I can anytime I'm back home. Therefore majority of daytime activities are spent hangin' on the beach so I keep the outfits simple and know they're on the cheap.

Without further ado, it's Chic and Really Cheap: The MTV Beach House Edition.

Plus super fantastic beachy-y filters, minus The Grind.  

Oh, hey! Didn't see you there.

This darling jumpsuit has outfitted me on many an occasion, but considering the front is open and only closes with a loose tie, it's best for situations that involve swimwear.

Thrift Store Jumpsuit:  £2 / $3 at a charity shop near Notting Hill on a trip to London a few years back

Bare Necessities Bandeau Top: £13 / $20  Bare Necessities might seem like a mom store, but this is a great find for bras, undies, and swimwear. They have a huge selection and basically always offer a promotion. Totally recommended. 

Primark Mirrored Sunglasses: £1 / $1.50 If you're not familiar with Primark, it's basically the Forever21 of the UK. No complaints.

now we're talkin!

Of course I have my trusty:

Marais Gladiator Sandals: Bought a few years ago on sale for £29 / $45

Frida Kahlo Shoulder Bag: £5 / $8  


Total outfit cost? £52 / $79


Also, here are those Marais Gladiator Sandals in case you're interested. No longer available on their site, but still available on Amazon. Hallelujah!

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