Very Fine South enso Collection

I won't harp on yet again about how proud I am of the talent coming out of my hometown of Atlanta.

Let's just say I'm really proud, and we'll leave it at that. (There's also always this post that will give you an idea of the extent of my admiration.)

But anyway.

One of the designers at the center of all of this talent is Very Fine South – Laura Shope's ever-beautiful handbag and accessory line.

Laura just released the enso collection, which was inspired by her love of the "form follows function"  philosophy – and she should know. This gal studied Industrial Design at Georgia Tech, where she learned about the design movements that followed the Industrial Revolution and began to embrace the "less is more" idea and aesthetic. Think early mid-century modern. Simple, yet full of intention.

All of the pieces in the enso collection are crafted from leather tanned in Italy and handmade by Laura in her Atlanta studio. And while I haven't gotten my hands on one these new bags just yet, they look soft and supple as ever.

Very Fine, indeed.

Now that's a damn handbag.

See the complete enso lookbook here or – better yet – pick up one of your own here


Photos by Claudia Bost / Styling by Her New Tribe

Megan Huntz FW 2015

As previously mentioned in this post on the lovely Very Fine South, I am oozing with love for my home city of Atlanta right now. Mainly because it's oozing with incredible, quality, creative talent.

Aside from Very Fine South, there's of course The Bitter Southerner – which my, you better subscribe to right now if you haven't already – as well as shops like Henry & June, and people like Stephanie Duncan and Muriel Vega. And then there's Megan Huntz.

Megan Huntz who spent a decade living and working in Italy and Spain. Megan Huntz who approaches fashion design with the eye of an industrial designer, which makes for beautiful, interesting pieces. Megan Huntz who, along with the others, has convinced me that Atlanta is fashionable, and legitimately so. Something I swore years ago wasn't true.

For naysayers in the audience (if there are any), I suggest you take a peek at Megan's Fall/Winter 2015 collection. I plan on picking up, like, all of it as soon as I'm back and settled in the South land. 

If you're in New York this week and are lucky enough to be going to WOMAN, be sure to stop by and see homegirl (aka Megan). She'll be there through close on Tuesday.

Very Fine South Fall 2014 Lookbook

Man I'm proud of my hometown lately.

In the period since I left Atlanta after graduating from SCAD in 2008,  I've seen countless creative folks setting-up shop in the city, and it's so, so inspiring.

To name a few:

Britt Bass Turner, Megan Huntz, Henry & June, Factory Girls, and outside of the fashion world there is, of course, The BS.

Even though I no longer live in ATL, it's a town that will always be near and dear to my heart, so I love learning about all of the incredible designers springing up all over the city, and all over my Instagram feed.

In fact, one of these designers was discovered on an Insta-binge over the weekend, and I'm so glad it came across my radar: Very Fine South.

Started by Laure Shope in 2011, Very Fine South got its start making hand waxed bags and have now extended their work to include planters, clutches, and zipper pouches

Another thing I love about Very Fine South is their focus on the environment and support for local industry. All of their goods are made by hand of sustainable materials, and 10% of all profits from the sale of their planters go to the Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project. Nice job, guys.

Hooked? Want to buy everything? I thought so.

Luckily, Very Fine South is offering 10% off of all holiday orders placed by November 16th using code EARLYBIRD

Happy shopping, y'all.

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