Chic and Really Cheap

Living in London means that a fair amount of creativity is required when it comes to choosing an outfit. New York is one thing - sure, winter lasts from November to April and in that time you have to come up with endless ways of creating new! exciting! cold weather outfits, but the thing about London is the mediocre chill that just lasts and lasts - and when I say that, I mean it: it doesn't really end. Want to imagine London weather? Picture 50 degrees and cloudy - all year. That's London.

Depression aside, it does give the Londoner the chance to find ways to make mediocre-weather outfits exciting. So on a recent rainy evening out, which started with a stroll through east London and ended at, um, KFC, I turned to one of my cold weather tricks: accessorizing. (Others include layering and mixed prints).

Here's what you wear when it's cold and raining, and you want to look nice without  putting much work into your outfit. Chic and Really Cheap: Round III: 

Second Floor Flat 


Necklace purchased in South Africa from the KZNSA Gallery shop (£2.50 / $3.70)

Kendra Scott earrings - which were given to me as a gift, which means I'm cheating here (£79 / $120)

Second Floor Flat

A black, open-back top from Mikkat Market (on sale for £13 / $20)

Striped bone ring, also from South Africa (£2 / $3)

Second Floor Flat
Second Floor Flat

And to round things out:

BCBG skirt I got in high school

My trust ASOS patent leather booties (£25 / $40)

and to keep out the cold, some knitted Topshop tights (£7 / $10)

Chic and Really Cheap

As previously mentioned in the first round of Chic and Really Cheap, I'm generally a penny/pence-pinching, account-watching cheapo. This may derive from the fact that I've chosen to live an extraordinarily expensive lifestyle (the fashion industry don't pay much, being in an international long distance relationship for three years was a pricey choice, and New York and London aren't the cheapest of cities).

Regardless, I like me some clothes and have found ways around spending lots to look (what I consider to be) cute. So, Part II of Chic and Really Cheap—where I document outfits where everything was purchased for $100/£65 or less.

Featuring a lovely....

Primark men's sweater (£10/$16)

Urban Outfitters flannel horseshoe button-up (£20/$31)

H&M burgundy pants (£10/$16)


...and some ASOS patent leather chelsea boots, which were on sale for £25/$40

And finally, a lovely gifted ring from In God We Trust, and a bracelet from a tiny little boutique in Williamsburg (£10/$16).  #lovesit

I Want To Wear This: Fall Fashion and The Mighty Pound

This year has been an expensive one to say the least.

Every dime/10p I've earned over the past 10 months has gone to visas and plane tickets, which is exciting in a big picture kinda' way, but actually just expensive in an everyday kinda' way.

Needless to say, there hasn't been a lot left over for my favorite pasttime of internet shopping + wearing PJ's + eating raisins out of a bowl.  So, as soon as I get my first British paycheck I'm going to do some good ol'British High Street shopping.

Here's a few things I might buy:

I Want To Wear This: Fall Fashion and The Mighty Pound

ZARA Short Military Coat

I Want To Wear This: Fall Fashion and The Mighty Pound

Topshop Cut Out Boots

I Want To Wear This: Fall Fashion and The Mighty Pound

Joe Fresh Shell Tank

I Want To Wear This: Fall Fashion and The Mighty Pound

ASOS Suede Pocket Shirt

I Want To Wear This: Fall Fashion and The Mighty Pound

Land's End Long Pleated Skirt

I Want To Wear This: Fall Fashion and The Mighty Pound

ASOS Dress With Trumpet Skirt

P.S.–if you don't already shop at Land's End, you totally should. They have good quality stuff at decent prices and some of it is really cute...totes not just for moms (not that there's anything wrong with moms).

Gooo fall!

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Skinny Heels and You

I’d already been thinking about incorporating more heels into my wardrobe. I figure that if I’m going to be the type of girl who runs away to live with a man in Europe, I should start dressing like it.

After talking to a friend who recently passed through Paris during rush hour on a weekday afternoon (ho hum) and noticed women commuting home in stilettos, I realized that I was out of excuses.

While I  prefer my commute in flats, I’m determined to become the type of girl who can wear + commute in skinny black heels without slowing up the stairwell or looking high maintenance (not to mention tripping, getting stuck in a subway grate, sliding on a recently waxed floor, etc).

Spoiler alert: this probably won’t happen.

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