Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

Welp, this weekend we are back in London and enjoying yet another three-day holiday. It's what's known as the "late May Bank Holiday" which basically means nothing except for it's a day off. And my oh my, will I take it!

Glad my U.S. counterparts get the much-earned Memorial Day this weekend, so that we say 'f-it' and sleep in on Monday. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, have a good one!

Yes sir, this is a damn weekend song. (Courtesy of my dad)

9-year-old boy starts a no-kill animal shelter in his garage. My heart explodes. (Bored Panda)

Pretty much just love this tote bag and EVERYTHING from kertis

This Melbourne home is stunning. (The Design Files)

Would you be able to give up food for a liquid supplement? I'm obviously too much of a fattie to do so, but this article on Soylent gets you thinking. (The New Yorker)

The Chimamanda obsession continues: finally finished Americanah and have made it halfway through Half of a Yellow Sun. If you haven't read either, order them now. If you have, message me – I want to talk! 

And on that note, an uncomfortable truth about the cover art of African novels.  (Africa Is A Country)

Love this lip color, not to mention the tropical shirt. (We Are The Rhoads)

Have a good one y'all!

Spitalfields City Farm

As soon as I learned that there was an animal farm, in London, down the street from our flat, we made a plan to go. So last weekend, we took the short bus ride down to Shoreditch and visited my heaven on earth: Spitalfields City Farm. (Seriously, cue soundtrack.)

We laughed, we thought about stealing the animals, I considered moving into the rabbit hutch, we heard a donkey make a really loud noise, and then we left. Here's what we saw: 

The Spitalfields City Farm is even more awesome because it survives almost purely off of donations and volunteers. So, think about that and feel free to donate here.

All photos from this dude.

Nach Jewellery

I'd like to introduce you to the jewelry designers of my dreams.

Ladies + gentlemen (ladies), meet Nach Jewellery

This is literally like someone went inside my head and made jewelry.

(And to show you how much I love animals, I stopped typing this sentence mid-way through to watch a dog walk by my window. )

When I showed my husband Nach, his response was "holy shit" and that's how my brain feels.

I want every single thing they sell or think about but especially the rings. Obviously I'm partial to the cats, and the dogs, but also the millard. Oh god.