Good Reads: 1 August 2014

On our way to see Boyhood this weekend and I'm so excited. Have any of you guys seen it?

I've also had a few conversations lately about Michel Gondry's latest, Mood Indigo. I saw it a couple of months ago and honestly wasn't completely in love. There's a few great moments with this song though, so that kind of made everything better.

Hopefully you guys are up to something fun! Would love to hear about it on Twitter or in the comments, if you care to share. :)

PS - almost just signed that  "Love you!" as if I was e-mailing a family member rather than writing a blog post

I'm looking for pen pals! Want to be my pen pal? 

A map of the introvert's heart. 

Matt Sweeney's photos of Hollywood blew me away. 

Just now reading this Simon Rich piece from 2013, but I adored it. 

The perfect robe

In love with MadeClose – a new site that allows you to search for items that are made close to you aka locally. They're about to be my jam.

Mentioned this in my natural beauty post but in case you missed it, GoodGuide is everything you need for shopping smart socially and environmentally.

Would very much like to be wearing this this weekend. 

Books from every U.S. state. 

How to have a simpler life. Hallelujah. 


...and a few things I wrote this week:

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