Pinterest in the Morning | 1

Because I often work from home, I'm lucky that I can spend my mornings drinking coffee and obsessing over Pinterest rather than commuting. (That part is glamorous – many other things about working from home or freelancing are, I assure you, not.)

I spend many a morning on a caffeine-fuelled Pinterest-athon where I come across things that inspire me to the point that I sometimes actually respond aloud with joy. Luckily, the only person that would be able to hear me is Bowtie and, well, he's a teddy bear.

Since (sorry) Pin-spiration is kind of endless, I've decided to start sharing a few of my favorites with you folks. Hope you get as much audible joy out of these as I do!

Photo found on Her New Tribe

Photo by David Kitz

Photo via The Line / Carl Auböck

Photo by Eva K. Salvi

Photo via Zulu & Zephyr 


And on that note, what kind of Pinner are you? A morning-with-coffee pinner, an on-the-couch-with-wine-at-9pm pinner, a weekend pinner? Or maybe you're a bit more strategic. Either way, I'd love to know!

The Line

The Line is one of my absolute favorite developments in the world of retail over the past year. Featuring a super-well curated selection of high-end clothing, accessories, and homeware from both established and newer designers, The Line focuses on "refined, versatile, and honest goods", which basically means baller, designer stuff you can't afford. Sign. me. up. (except I already have signed up, and I've already written about it on this blog).

Each week, The Line focuses on a new "story", and one that ran a few weeks back focused on Scandinavian design and it's my dream that will never happen–I'd never be able to keep peanut butter or tea off of my self or my furniture long enough. Still, it's lovely to look at:


You can shop The Line online or visit their NYC store, The Apartment