Thanksgiving In Berlin

Tomorrow we're off to Berlin and I can't wait – thanks for all of your tips, guys.

I'm looking forward to exploring the city over this Thanksgiving weekend, despite the fact that temperatures are hovering around freezing the whole time. I was originally planning on perfecting my clog game, but instead it looks like the puffy coat is going to be the focus of my Berlin wardrobe. 

In other news, I'm forcing myself to stay away from the holiday music until post-Thanksgiving. Instead, I'm listening to a mix of this, this, and – of course – this

I have some fun things coming up with both June Letters and Angloyankophile that I'll tell you more about soon. In the meantime, be sure to enter the Monica Squitieri giveaway and follow along on our Berlin trip on Instagram

If you're in the States or celebrating this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful, restful holiday filled with overeating, warmth, and family.

See you next week!