Good Reads: The Best Links This Week

And we're back in London after the break!

I think I speak on behalf of the world when I say this week was not an easy one. First day of school jitters lasted all week for me, but I'm now feeling normal again and here's hoping you are too.

This weekend, I'm going to try to do something in the kitchen thanks to this amazing new cookbook and otherwise catch up on movies. Have a good'un, folks!


The New Yorker's 3 Under 3 is the best thing I saw this week. 

A (really pretty and refreshingly normal) model talks honestly about image. (Refinery29)

I, embarassingly, have no idea how much fruits and vegetables grow. Thanks to Buzzfeed for providing some clarity. (The cashew thing is, well, nuts.)

Shy Man Narrowly Evades Free Sample. (The Onion)

40 fascinating world maps. (A Sheep No More)

Called the Opening Ceremony of Mexico, Worldwide Limited was launched by owner Carla Valdivia after she moved to her native Mexico after living in London. Featuring the work of Mexico's up and coming designers, all of which is available online, WWLTD will probably be really big in about 6 months. Consider yourself warned.

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