Sunday Objects | 14

Something about fall always makes me feel a little sentimental. It must be to do with all the big obvious themes of death and growth and season change, not to mention the holidays and my upcoming move. Either way, cold weather has always made me turn inwards and feel extra appreciative of all of the lovely people and things I have in my life.

I have a lot to be thankful for, so with that in mind here's a quick peek at the everyday objects that meant something special to me this week:

  • birthday cards: this time of year our flat is filled with cat cards, and these two are from my lovely sister and mom.
  • black and white photo: this is the view off of our back balcony. derrick took this photo over the summer, it now sits on our dresser, and i absolutely love it. 
  • spanish tile: because i'm lucky enough to have friends who do things like go to spain and bring back cool gifts.
  • quality reading materials: because as i already shared, this mag is currently consuming my weekend. i'm also about to start reading "goodbye to all that" which i've wanted to read since it was released. it arrived on saturday, and i can't wait to underline the heck out of it. 
  • necklace: because painting and stringing beads calms me down.

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!

Sunday Objects | 13

This Sunday Objects is centered around a new pair of clogs that I love, and really serves as a testament to the quality of craftsmanship.

I was on the hunt for a new pair of clogs for a few weeks. Didn't want to break the bank, didn't want to skimp on quality, wanted to support a smaller designer or lesser-known maker.

And then I stumbled on Feira de Barcelos – an Etsy shop based in Portugal and curated by a lovely gal named Maria. Everything in Maria's Etsy shop is made by local artisans in her hometown of Barcelos, Portugal. Her aim is bring attention to the work being done by these amazing craftsmen and women.

The proof is in the pudding, folks, and I'm here to tell you that these clogs are dyno-mite. Comfy, high-quality, and completely handmade. And they were only $35. If you're on the hunt for clogs, I urge you to give Feira de Barcelos a look.

On to a few other favorite things this week:

  • handwritten note: favorite thing this week...obviously
  • my mom's turquoise ring: one of her favorites and now I love wearing it and embracing its 70s California vibe
  • striped beanie: for keeping me extra snug and looking A+ despite overuse
  • stitchless wallet: from Romania's Clean Everything. Love the simplicity of this wallet.
  • cuffed jeans: because I love me some high-cuff denim

Have a lovely, relaxing, snack-filled Sunday!

Sunday Objects | 12

In today's Sunday Objects I'm sharing favorites old and new, including my travel bag, the hat that's keeping me warm lately, and a shampoo that's made my hair look like an adult's hair rather than a messy child. 

  • black and white photograph: Of West London, taken by my husband. This photo currently lives in our living room. 
  • beanie: Given to me by my talented friend Sam of Dolores Haze. This pup has been keeping me warm on these cooler fall days and evenings. 
  • brass bangle: That I've had for years and wear every single day. Handmade by In God We Trust, which was located just around the corner from my Greenpoint apartment. 
  • army duffle bag: Because this mini army bag has gone with me on many-a-trip, and will definitely be along for the ride when we head to Berlin in a few weeks. 
  • shampoo: This shampoo has changed my hair for the so much better this past week. 
  • pen pal letter: From Maris – my pen pal in Queens!

Have a lovely Sunday and, by all means, share your #SundayObjects with me! I'd love to see.

Sunday Objects | 11

This one is kind of random, I know, but bear with me here – all of these simple, everyday objects have a lot of meaning.

The book has been arguably the most important everyday object this week (because I'm obsessed with it), but these other pieces are important for other reasons. Read on:

  • not that kind of girl: Because it came in the mail this week, I've started reading it, and have laughed out loud so many times. I am so glad that Lena Dunham is as popular as she is. 
  • soy candleBecause this candle kept me company on several rainy days this week. It also smells delicious.
  • tambourine: When my husband and I first met, I told him that in another life I would love to be a tambourine girl. I was living in the West Village at the time, so he went over the Bleecker Street and bought me a tambourine. This is definitely one of the most important things I own. 
  • brooklyn charm necklace: I was super homesick when I first got to London, so my darling friends would send me care packages. Included in one was a custom Greenpoint, Brooklyn necklace (complete with two cat charms) that I still wear almost every day.
  • oilve oil hand balm: New this week because hello, chilly wind.
  • schoolboy blazer: I bought this at a charity shop near our flat. It's a boy's school blazer, complete with crest and all. I wear it a lot and always get a wide variety of comments when I do.
  • mango: Thrown in for good measure. I became obsessed with mangos over the summer and am pretending that they'll never go out of season.


Show me your #SundayObjects either via post or tagging on social media. I'd love to the small items that were important to you this week. 

Have a lovely Sunday!

Sunday Objects | 10

The weather has changed here, you guys, and it's definitely fall. As much as I love warm weather, I'm excited about the cooler season which was made for homebodies like me who are happy to snuggle up on the couch with a duvet, a candle burning, and maybe a little/lot of mulled wine.

Today's Sunday Objects may not look particularly fall-y, but read on to find out why these everyday objects sitting around my second floor flat caught my eye this week:

  • wooden rabbit: This rabbit has (literally) traveled the globe with me. I spotted him at a beach art shop when I was little, couldn't live without him, so as the story goes we went back and got him. He moved with me to my first apartment in midtown Atlanta, then to New York, and now to London. And you better believe he'll be coming with us when we make our way to Durham, North Carolina in a few months. 
  • super sad true love story: This book was given to D by my dear pal Isabelle and I have since stolen it to read. A fascinating, scarily-true look at our future might resemble. Would love to hear your thoughts if you've read this!
  • thrifted scarf: Got this scarf from a charity shop in East London a few years ago, and despite the bright colors, it's proved to be the perfect weight for this sometimes chilly, sometimes warm days.
  • beaded necklace: There's not much of a story behind this beaded necklace other than the fact that I bought it with a few others at a charity shop in Brooklyn for next to nothing, and I absolutely love them. 
  • tiny enamel mug: My obsession with enamel mugs continues. D got this tiny one for me a few years ago, and it's the perfect sized for a single, simple flower.
  • little wooden salt spoon: Recently bought my first jar of pink Himalayan salt and I'm totally obsessed. I add it to my morning smoothies and now use it instead of regular table salt. It's amazing.

Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday!

Sunday Objects | 9

I know, I know – today's Sunday Objects is a little late.

I finished up my first Alt Summit last night and gave myself some good time away from the computer after three days of (amazing, inspiring) online classes. So, we spent the morning doing our usual: Walking through the park with coffee and croissants, taking about a million photos each of dogs, old buildings, and cool lighting. It was perfect, and now I'm ok with getting back online.

So guys, without further ado, here are a few of the everyday objects inspiring me this week:

  • bird etching: There is an old man in Islington who has a tiny store filled with animal prints and etchings. We picked up this one of an African Reef Eater a couple years ago, and it's been waiting for its final resting home ever since. I treasure it.
  • petra borner notecards: Bought these incredible notecards by illustrator Petra Borner from the incredible Search & Rescue, so now I'm looking for excuses to write notes
  • moss green sunglasses: I've had these everday sunglasses for years but they never disappoint. We've had a few days of warmer weather in London, so I'm using these puppies as much as I can before they're packed away for the season.
  • hot pink ringBy Kate Spade Saturday. Got these multi-color pack of these rings last year and I wear them all the time, sometimes pairing a colored ring with my wedding band because, you know, why not.
  • grey notebook: If you hadn't noticed, I really love stationery. Was so happy to receive my brand new notebook from Chroma Stationery earlier this week. And – extra bonus – it's already filled with extra good notes from Alt. Success!

Hope you're having a great Sunday!

Sunday Objects | 8

I won't lie. Today's entire Sunday Objects revolved around figuring out how I could include the new issue of The Gentlewoman, because I love the color, the typeface, and their overall branding.

Still, this Sunday Objects isn't a total farce. Everything in this photo really is special to me in one way or another – whether it's a handmade gift from a family member or a book that meant something real to me.

Be sure to take the time today to look at the everyday objects that surround you and think about what they mean to you. And by all means share them with me on Twitter or Instagram – just be sure to use #SundayObjects and tag me in your posts.

Have a relaxing day!

the gentlewoman: Issue 10, which I started and finished this week. Favorites were the profiles on Vanessa Grigoriadis and Marlene Dumas

little brown notebook: From Muji, for helping me keep things in check

maya magal circle stud earrings: That I haven't taken off this week. Purchased from the wonderful Formula and already shown off here.

"agaat" by marlene van niekerk: My wonderful, best friend of a book that I recently finished. It was given to me by my mother, and I can't wait to pass it along to others. (I'm looking at you, Bridget.)

beaded charm bracelet: Made by my mother-in-law, worn by me often

wide-brim black hat: This hat has been hiding out in my closet since the early New York days (aka a long time ago) and I've recently given it a new life. This exact style is long gone, but you can find similar hats herehere, or here.