Stay Home Club by Olivia Mew

I've long considered myself an introvert. I enjoy being alone and draw energy internally rather than drawing it from other people. Despite the fact that I'm a social person who enjoys the company of others, I need time alone to recharge my batteries after externally-driven activities like parties, shopping, or anything "group". Otherwise, I feel overstimulated and go quiet – it's like my brain gets overloaded and needs space to work everything out. And despite living abroad and loving to travel, I'm a total homebody.

Olivia Mew totally gets that. She seems to know just what's on my mind, from animals to never leaving the house. Not to mention the fact that she recognizes my seemingly illogical fears. Example: this pennant made me legitimately laugh out loud. 

Olivia recently introduced Stay Home Club – a line of stuff (totes, tees, vintage-style pennants, and the like) that celebrate that heaven that is staying home. Even better than that is the fact that animals are included throughout the collection. If it wasn't totally weird for me to wear/outfit my home in everything Stay Home Club, I definitely would.

Olivia / fellow semi-introverts and just generally awkward folk: never change.