Shopping List: Fall 2016's Simplicity

The issue with being a self-declared minimalist in seasons like this one, early autumn of the year 2016 to be specific, is that it can be hard to keep your wardrobe's contents to a, well, minimum.

You'll try to build a seasonally-appropriate minimalist wardrobe opting for fewer, but better things, and find yourself in a bit of a pickle when you discover that there are just so many good emerging (and established) designers out there that the options are seemingly endless.

The problem is not a bad one – it's just that the talent out there is so good it can be hard to keep your shopping list at a minimum.

Boo hoo.

And so, with September temperatures cooling off those mornings and evenings...with a birthday looming and a personal commitment to keeping my gift requests practical (pay off my student loans, anyone?)...and with those sartorial goals raging hard, I've put together an ode to fall 2016's gorgeous, layerable simplicity in literal shopping list form.

The end result will be that either a) writing this post was enough to quench my thirst and will keep me from buying everything here and more


 b) I'll buy everything here and more.

We'll just have to see. In the meantime, here are a few favorite fall pieces:

Shopping List: Winter Sale Picks

This is around the time of the year that my whole "minimalist shopping" thing is challenged.

You see, it's January – the period that the entire Northern Hemisphere has collectively decided to be the most 'meh' time of the year. It's finally cold. Expensive, warm things are finally on sale. And, to cap it all of, I just got a new rewards card. So yeah, you could say the conditions are right for a little winter sale shopping.

Instead of making ill-considered sale purchases, instead I usually Pin my heart out in an effort to control myself and my obsessive (not quite compulsive) shopping habits. With that in mind, here are a few winter sale picks currently on that list of obsessions:

Shopping List: Cozy Home Goods

If Instagram is any sort of barometer for general public opinion, then I would say we all are having a lot of feelings right now about the cold weather season. 

As much as I enjoy these seasons for the things they bring – my birthday, for one, family gatherings – I also appreciate them for opportunities they afford me – mainly to the fully embrace my homebody tendencies and wear fleece around the house and to yoga and back, if nothing else.

Needless to say, I'm a sucker for cozy home goods. Seeing as though we got rid of most of our home decor on our move this summer, I'm on the hunt for a restock of all things warm and cozy. Here are a few recent favorites, all from San Francisco-based Huckberry:

5" planter ($39.98)

indoek venice issue ($8.98)

no 1. nourishing balm ($24.98)

the kinfolk home ($29.98)

cube light ($19.98)

westray crew ($127.98)

leucadia candle ($39.98)

gettysburg blanket ($114.98)

weekender stripe pillow case ($99.98)

the betty ($139.98)

cumberland hat ($109.98)

cloth drip coffee pot ($44.98)

neighborhood pant ($59.98)

felt mill scruff slipper ($34.98)

tencel sheet set ($114.98)

feuerhand lantern ($54.98)

Any must haves you turn to for the cold-weather season? Fleece, cozy blankets, hot coffee, natural light alarm clocks (I'm thinking of getting one!)? Would love to hear!


I received product from Huckberry in relation to this post, though note this is a business I believe in. It almost makes me wish that I was a dude, though not quite. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support Second Floor Flat. Have questions? Let me know!

Shopping List: The Fall 2015 Cropped Pant

Indulge me for a moment, will you?

I'm currently having a love affair with a pair of pants. A knock down, drag out, downright obsession with a particular style of cropped pants that's everywhere right now. We'll call it the Fall 2015 Cropped Pant.

This is the kind of obsession I now encounter from time to time, and it began once I started practicing the method of shopping slow. I embraced a smaller closet, avoided fast fashion and quick, cheap, impulse fashion purchases, and now – now – have entered into a world of analyzing almost every single purchase I make. (Can any other small closet converts relate?)

This cropped pant is my current obsession. I love how ugly they are in the best way possible, and how perfect they'll be for transitional weather. Wear with a t-shirt and straw hat now, then a crewneck sweater and motorcycle boots later. It's sheer perfection, I tell you.

For your viewing pleasure, and for the sake of indulging my obsession just a little bit more, I've put together a list of 16 of the best, ugliest, and most perfect cropped pants around. Gals, meet the Fall 2015 Cropped Pant: 

Shopping List: Summer Sale Picks

I've been a little obsessed with summer clothes lately.

Let's face it: London isn't exactly known for its hot weather, and as someone who's always cold, I spent most of my time there in long-sleeved button-ups. 

While I won't be shedding those, well, ever, I've decided to embrace a new summer wardrobe after I unpacked and realized that the last time I bought summer clothes I was 25 and had, shall we say, slightly different taste. Luckily we arrived just in time for the summer sales, so I'm eyeing several things while maintaining a slow shopping mindset.

Picture me wearing one of my favorite summer sale picks with this hat, on my new hammock (yes!), slathered in bug spray (unfortunately) and drinking a nut milk. Does it get much better?

crescent moon floating ring (now $35)

jane top (now $89)

the ciggy (now $89) – To pair with breezy, billowy sleeveless blouses and sheaths

mini creamer (now $14) – Wouln't this make a nice vase for a sweet little flower?

low back chemise (now $364)

malick flat slip on (now $99)

pia dress (now $169)

indigo pullover (now $62)

lune sandal (now $248)

tassel 11 (now $70.99)

hydrate facial toner (now $18)

marketmore hat (now $79.99)

farm vase (now $40.80)

new berliner dress (now $99) 

indigo tunic ($88) – I cheated. This tunic is not on sale, but it is from Carla Osborn's Pippa Romana, so I'd say it's worth including.

sunshine cream (now $14)


What was your favorite buy this summer, or even this year? I'm on the lookout for a wear-everyday striped tank, so if you've seen a great one then let me know! I'm all ears.

Shopping List: Best Father's Day Ever

Aside from their journal, and their support for independent makers, and their great photography, etc. etc. what I like the most about San Francisco's Huckberry is the fact that although it's no doubt a male-focused site, it's not just for dudes.

Case in point: everything in their robust Accessories and Home sections. Not to mention the super wearable items for us tomboys out there. Hello, perfect sunglasses. Looking forward to seeing you later this year, dreamy grey sweatshirt.

With all of this in mind, I have some news to break to you: Father's Day is coming up fast, and by that I mean it's less than two weeks away. So whether you're shopping for your dad or your baby daddy, here are 16 Father's Day gifts you'll actually want to give – and a few reasons why you should:  


work chukka boots ($260)

blunt force hammer ($32.98) – boys and their toys, right?

escapades sunglasses ($159.98)

traveler's mug with lid ($36.98)

calder swimming trunks ($69.98) – because you know he needs a new pair but will never (ever) buy one for himself

dalai wallet ($74.98)

todd henley ($46.98)

old fashioned shave cream ($24.98)

pair of moscow mules ($49.98) – i showed these mugs in my valentine's day roundup, but i had to include them again. i have these and they have a special way of making you feel both fancy and rugged at the same time. totally recommended.

mackinaw field watch ($600) – chip in your funds with siblings or consider consolidating your various gifts throughout the year into one really, really great father's day gift 

baxter desk organizer ($58.98) – because you got your love for organization somewhere

51st studio bluetooth headphones ($179.98) – because he's not like a regular dad, he's a cool dad

porsche 911 print ($34.98)

leather head sports handsome dan ($129.98)

roo hammock ($129.98) – tip: buy this, then plan a camping trip for the two of you (!)

iphone 6 4-in-1 lens ($79.98)


For more Father's Day goodness, check out Huckberry's Father's Day shop as well as another teeny tiny Father's Day guide compiled by yours truly here


I received product from Huckberry though this is a business I love and believe in, and I'm obsessed with their photography and aesthetic. It almost makes me wish that I was a dude, though not quite. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support Second Floor Flat. Have questions? Let me know!

Shopping List: Spring Wants

Barcelona, y'all. That's where we're going.

We leave tonight to sleep a friend's flat that's closer to the airport, since our flight leaves London at an unmentionable time on Saturday morning. Very unmentionable. But that's what you get when you're traveling on a budget, folks. That's what you get.

Anyway, in honor of Spain – and in honor of Fashion Revolution Day – I put together a little dream packing list for what my ideal Barcelona suitcase, and ideal spring/summer wardrobe would look like. Per usual, all pieces are from quality, sometimes smaller makers and those who support those makers. 

Here we go:

leonard sunglasses ($177) via need supply co.

felt hat ($98) by westerlind 

bucket bag in nude ($485) by building block

indigo kiss flat ($140) by osborn

bleach rancher hat ($105) via the lady & the sailor

flat clutch ($54) by lee coren

multi-task mini oil ($12) by soul sunday

summit vest ($248) by kieley kimmel

antiparos sandals ($196) by kyma

the cruiser ($185) by mother

dahl open toe mule ($415) by rachel comey

lipstick crayon in 99 red balloons ($24) by ilia

chord voyage top ($190) by ace & jig via accompany

rafia platform shoe ($395) by robert clergerie

tee shirt in ocean blue stripe ($188) by california tailor

tamarisk necklace ($56) by melissa sonico


You can follow along on my Barcelona travels here. Otherwise, I'll catch you guys next week!