3 Places To Eat In Paris

A few weeks back, I shared some photos from our recent weekend in Paris

Though we were only there for a long weekend, we packed in a lot (LOT). We saw all of the main touristy bits that everyone knows, and also explored and ate at some lesser known places that I now firmly call favorites.

If you're heading over to gay Paris anytime soon, be sure to check out a few of these:


Meert is a well-known Parisian bakery that has a few locations sprinkled around the city. Luckily, one of those locations was right down the street from our AirBnB in Le Marais. Their vanilla waffles were recommended to me when I visited last year so naturally we stopped by...twice. Do yourself a favor and try these vanilla waffles if you ever get the chance to – they are seriously incredible. (My apologies for the lack of actual waffle photo. There was just no way I could wait long enough to take a photo before eating.)



L'As du Fallafel in Le Marais makes the perfect takeaway fallafels. We spent our last night in Paris just walking through the city and ended up grabbing these for a late dinner on the way home. The line is long, but trust me when I say that it's worth the wait. This shit is good. (Also no photo of actual fallafel: see reason above re: photo taking too long.)



Le Comptoir General might be my favorite place in Paris. This bar/gallery/second hand shop/music space/restaurant describes itself as a "ghetto museum" that celebrates the creativity that springs up from marginalized places around the world. Le Comptoir General is actually located at the back of a (not scary) alley, so if you visit and find yourself walking down a path that feels wrong, just keep going and soon you'll see this:

Photo by D Watterson III

One more tip: Cafe du Flore in St. Germain is definitely a touristy spot (and the prices prove it), but if you're nearby I'd suggest you stop by for a coffee. We spent a late Sunday morning sipping coffee and eating chocolate eclairs and it was magical.

Until next time, Paris!

Weekend Getaway: 3 Days In Paris

Oh, Paris. It's such a cliche but I just really, really love that town. 

To celebrate the Liberation of Paris (D is a big WWII fan) and the August Bank Holiday weekend (aka 3-day weekend) we made the trip to Paris for what turned out to be a perfect weekend. 

We arrived Friday, late morning, thanks to the best mode of transportation ever: the Eurostar. We did an AirBnB in Le Marais – my favorite neighborhood in the city, which I stayed in last year on a trip to Paris I took with some girlfriends. I think of it as the French West Village, and it's the only neighborhood that's really open in Paris on Sundays. 

Since we only had a weekend, we took advantage of every single hour that we had. (Note: Please forgive in advance any lack of accent grave, aigu, the rest – I'm on an American laptop using an English keyboard, so times are tough):

Friday, we did the did the Louvre, Tuileries, Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, Il de la Cite, Notre-Dame.

Saturday, we did Montmatre, Eiffel Tower, the steps from 'Midnight In Paris' which I visited for the second year in a row (2014 photo here, 2013 photo here), Saint-Germain, Shakespeare and Company, and dinner in the neighborhood.

Sunday, we got up for the Catacombs and ended up skipping it after we saw the crazy line. Instead, we walked to the Luxembourg gardens, had chocolate eclairs and coffee at Cafe de Flore, went to the Pont des Arts (aka the love lock bridge, which really is collapsing), walked along the Seine, watched some incredibly touching Liberation Day celebrations, waited for the Eiffel Tower to light up, and ate falafel walking home for dinner.

View from our flat in Le Marais

We did so much walking that my toenail polish literally fell off every day when we got back to our flat (pictured above). Other things that happened when we got home: I did downward dog and an on-site version of runner's lunge for a solid ten minutes, because I was so sore from just walking

Enough grizzly details. On with the photos: 

And this is only a tiny percentage of the photos we took in total. There are several more not pictured here on my Instagram feed, and even more on D's street photography Tumblr.

Coming up next: a guide to my favorite places in Paris!


All photos by D Watterson III

I'm In Paris!

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to be a little on the quieter side until early/mid-next week. You see, I'm headed to Paris for a long weekend away and plan on staying offline as much as possible.

After 14 years (!) of living in London my husband is making his way to Paris for the first time and I couldn't be more excited for us to stroll the Parisian streets and have picnics on the Seine.

I'll be posting-a-plenty on Instagram, so follow me there to see Paris in all it's late-summer glory. In the meantime, you can see some of my past posts on France here and here.

Until next week...!


Paris, a few weeks back. It's a rainy Sunday and my friends and I are strolling through Le Marais (that's what you do in Paris on Sundays). We come across LE MONT ST MICHEL - a brand I'd heard of and lusted after from afar. Obviously I went in, obviously I became obsessed.

Both the store and the aesthetic were clean but not serious. Let's say Wes Anderson decided to go minimalist, then go French, but stayed fun while losing his American friendliness. You're getting the idea. 

LE MONT ST MICHEL - Second Floor Flat
LE MONT ST MICHEL - Second Floor Flat
LE MONT ST MICHEL - Second Floor Flat
LE MONT ST MICHEL - Second Floor Flat

LE MONT ST MICHEL was originally a workwear brand that began in Britian in 1913, so they're currently celebrating their 100th anniversary. It's a family business, and they really value their heritage which gives them that many more points in my point-collecting book. 

LE MONT ST MICHEL - Second Floor Flat
LE MONT ST MICHEL - Second Floor Flat
LE MONT ST MICHEL - Second Floor Flat

If you aren't in Paris, then you're no one.

Just kidding - what I was actually going to say is that you can still shop LE MONT ST MICHEL online at Mychameleonplace des tendances, and L'Exception - which, if I'm not mistaken, is the coolest name for a site ever.

Madewell and Steven Alan also stock the brand, so keep those peepers peeled. 

An American in Paris: Walking Through Town

Paris - a city that deserves to be seen outdoors. Whether you're sitting at a cafe, enjoying a park, or strolling through its many cobblestone streets, there's nothing like walking around the city of lights on a warm summer day (or night).

And on that note, join me on a walk around town. You'll hear an old man playing an old instrument in the park, an opera performed on the street, a live edition of "Sunny Side of the Street" by four young performers (in Nice), and a performer on the Metro playing the saxophone.

What a gorgeous, musical place. 

A Case for High Top Sneakers

French women, eigh. There's just something about them.

This is something that my travel companions and I could not get over the entire time we were in Paris. We gawked to the point that one woman even asked us if we were lesbians. That's how impressed we were. 

On the feet of these incredibly chic women were black high-top sneakers so of course these are now at the top of my wishlist.  


Unfortunately understated chic and the look of confidence can not be bought. Still, you better believe I'm going to try. 


(top to bottom) 

  French Connection, Vince, Saint Laurent, sandro, ASOS

Packing List: 6 Pieces For A Perfect Paris Outfit

I'm in Paris!

Drinking wine, eating far too much bread, getting blisters on my feet, craving green juice, and thinking about Breaking Bad, which I'm watching thanks to the wonders of Dropbox tonight. Even Paris can't take my mind off of Jesse Pinkman. 

Now, imagine you're with me in Paris. We're walking along a canal, (that white noise sound you're hearing is the water), feeling the breeze, and listening to some Frenchman or otherwise play a guitar. 

This is what we're wearing: 

Obviously we're not wearing the same  outfit, but the point is we both look cute and nonchalant. 


I'll see you in a few days.

In the meantime, check out my packing list for Nice and some of the other items on my wishlist. And don't forget to follow Second Floor Flat via Bloglovin, via Twitter, via Instagram.