Style Icon: Veda from My Girl

Aside from seeing the wonderful Boyhood this weekend, I also happened to catch a few minutes (read: ALL) of My Girl on TV.

I don't think I'd seen this movie since it was released in 1991 and while I will say that Thomas J.'s death seemed a whole lot less traumatizing this time, there was one thing that I was totally taken by: VEDA'S OUTFITS.

First of all, 11-year-old Veda Sultenfuss in 1972 year dresses basically how I dress now as a 28-year-old married gal in London. But whatever – she's my attainable style icon and I'm sticking with it. I mean just look at this:

If I were Veda, or were just myself today, I would wear:

This Madewell Cocktail Ring (just like Veda's mood ring that Thomas J. so faithfully went after – RIP)

Really, if you want to master the Veda look in one quick step, just turn a pair of old jeans into just-above-the-knew cut-offs to make DIY denim bermuda shorts. Pair those with some sneakers that hit at the ankle and you've got yourself an instant Veda look.

I've just added a ton of  Veda-esque pieces to my Pinterest Wishlist board (yep, that's the state of my life right now) so hop on over and take a look. 


All My Girl stills taken from IMDB