Good Reads: 29 August 2014

Oh, it's been hard to be back from Paris this week.

Sure, we were only there for a weekend but what a weekend it was. We walked the city from morning to night (my toenail polish literally chipped completely off twice) and enjoyed absolutely perfect weather paired with lots and lots of vanilla waffles

There are so many photos to come (D took 2500 in our 2.5-day trip), but until then I'll leave you with one of my favorite shots and a look at some lovely things on the internet.

Dreaming of this Paris scene. This is what I would look like if I was a cafe. 

This PBS documentary by Marty Scorsese traces the origins of blues from Mississippi to Africa, and it's absolutely amazing. 

Dying for this boot

And this tunic. Actually Madewell's fall arrivals alone are enough to make me look forward to cooler weather.

This book, which is taking me longer to read than I'd like due to my lack of commute (commuting time = reading time), but I'm enjoying each and every line of Marlene Van Niekirk's beautiful writing. 

This song, which has been in my head for over a week. (HELP)

Discovered A Standard of Living this week and can't wait to get all up in there. 

Also Golly Magazine. Yes please!

This podcast on radical change. 

Should you catcall her?

I'd like this dreamy candle, for rainy mornings spent writing. 

Miranda July made an app, and it's very Miranda July (not a bad thing). 

This short film

One of these days I'm going to walk straight into the kitchen and whip up something like this (or this). 

This lovely scarf alternative for not-yet-freezing fall days. 

Actually over the moon to have won this giveaway from one of my favorite brands, Tradlands. (Thank you!)


And a few things from me:

A London restaurant guide

A guide to funding for creative startups

9 socially-conscious jewelry designers

Style Icon: Veda from My Girl

Aside from seeing the wonderful Boyhood this weekend, I also happened to catch a few minutes (read: ALL) of My Girl on TV.

I don't think I'd seen this movie since it was released in 1991 and while I will say that Thomas J.'s death seemed a whole lot less traumatizing this time, there was one thing that I was totally taken by: VEDA'S OUTFITS.

First of all, 11-year-old Veda Sultenfuss in 1972 year dresses basically how I dress now as a 28-year-old married gal in London. But whatever – she's my attainable style icon and I'm sticking with it. I mean just look at this:

If I were Veda, or were just myself today, I would wear:

This Madewell Cocktail Ring (just like Veda's mood ring that Thomas J. so faithfully went after – RIP)

Really, if you want to master the Veda look in one quick step, just turn a pair of old jeans into just-above-the-knew cut-offs to make DIY denim bermuda shorts. Pair those with some sneakers that hit at the ankle and you've got yourself an instant Veda look.

I've just added a ton of  Veda-esque pieces to my Pinterest Wishlist board (yep, that's the state of my life right now) so hop on over and take a look. 


All My Girl stills taken from IMDB