8 Things To See In London

Majorly knock on wood, but we've had a pretty decent early London spring so far. The flowers are blooming, the sun occassionally shines, and I've even gone for bare legs a few times. (HUGE deal.)

Here's what the city looks like in the early stages of warmth:

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I Hardly Know Her

My lovely pal Isabelle and I have been friends since we shared a desk at Refinery29 and lip-synced KEXP to each other. She's a beautiful half-French art director with a twin sister, and she likes pizza and stuffed animals.

She's also a seriously talented little lady. Aside from her graphic work, she also dabbles in photography and recently shared some of the photos she took while visiting London last fall. A few of my favorites:

Not bad, eigh?

For more of Isabelle's work, check out her photo blog I Hardly Know Her, her Flickr, and her graphic work