Sunday Objects | 2

I recently started a new series called Sunday Objects which takes a look at some of the simple objects I surround myself with on an everyday basis. For me, Sundays are a day of reflection, so I'll be using Sunday Objects as a time to share with you guys (assuming you're interested) some brief stories about some of the little things that mean a lot to me.

My second series of objects:

  • My mom's vinyl copy of Joni Mitchell's Blue, which she gave to me last year when I was home for the holidays 
  • Pink flowers bought today, just because
  • Hermès match box, from a dear friend's ebay haul that was purchased when decorating for their wedding
  • KORA bracelet, which I got when I worked at Refinery29 and meant some of my favorite friends. Sorry to say that KORA is now out of business. No!
  • Pine cones, picked up at a park just outside of London when I was here visiting Derrick before I moved. They went back with me to New York, then came to London when I moved.

Have a great Sunday, and share your Sunday Objects with me! Maybe on your blog, maybe on Twitter, maybe on Instagram. I'd love to see 'em!