Budapest Travel Diary

Remember when I went to Budapest?

I do, because it was me who went, and because it was earlier this month, and because it was amazing.

Luckily, Mr & Mrs Smith also remember and earlier this week posted my SUITCASE Magazine x Budapest travel diary on the Smith Travel Blog. 

Give it a read, and see more of my Budapest adventures here and here.

An American In: Budapest

A week ago today, I found myself in the capital of Hungary, awash with art, design, history, and plenty of wine.

When you work as an editor at a travel and fashion magazine, this kind of things happens from time to time. One minute you're wearing fleece and writing on your laptop in London, the next minute you're taking a helicopter ride in Monte Carlo or strolling through an abandoned palace in Central Europe. NBD.

My journey to Budapest came to be by way of SUITCASE and Mr & Mrs Smith. We ventured to the amazing Brody House–a hotel and membership club that is basically the epicenter of arts and culture in Budapest. We tasted wines, swam in thermal baths, drank cocktails with local rock stars, and saw the glorious Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra.

An American In: Budapast |
An American In: Budapast |

Aside from the fact that it's the furthest east I've ever been, I can say without doubt that Budapest is one of the most magical cities I've ever visited. There's something about it that has a mystical feeling that draws you in and leaves you with a thirst for more.

Budapest? I'll be back.


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