8 Things To See In London

Majorly knock on wood, but we've had a pretty decent early London spring so far. The flowers are blooming, the sun occassionally shines, and I've even gone for bare legs a few times. (HUGE deal.)

Here's what the city looks like in the early stages of warmth:

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Vintage Adidas Sambas

It's been a bit of a busy week so forgive the fact that you're being ignored but I just had to pop on and let you know about two new obsessions of mine (that for once don't involve food or animals):

I picked up some vintage Adidas Samba's in navy suede this past weekend at the Hackney Flea Market and am so beyond pleased with my purchase. I literally can't stop wearing them. Srsly, wearing them now, always, and forever.

These are vintage men's, perfectly worn in, and were a real bargain at £15. If you're looking for a similar pair, I found a few eBay options in green suede or classic black and white.

And that gorgeous little beaut hangin' up behind the Samba's? It's my new Celine-knockoff from ZARA. This grey wool dress fits like a dream and only set me back £19.99. Livin' the life.