Good Reads: 3 June 2016

Not so long ago, we got a dog. And now, we are officially dog people.

"Those people", even.

I'm trying hard to not be the girl (slash woman) who forces others into scrolling through pictures of her dog on her phone, or who tells boring stories about her dog's adorable habit of wagging her tail in her sleep, etc. But it's really, really hard not to. I can't even imagine how people with kids must feel.

That being said, recommendations for training, treats, and the rest are appreciated. And we'll leave the dog talk at that...for now.

This morning, I worked on something great with the ever-inspiring Rachel of The Style Line. Check her and the entire community out when you can – she showcases a lot of inspiring, creative, all around A+ women. Tonight, I'm hoping for some wine and good food under the stars (aka an outdoor table at a local restaurant) and tomorrow, I'm meeting the new beb of one of my long-time friends. So weird and great when your friends start having kids, right? Aren't we still in high school? (No? Ok.)

Wishing you guys a lovely weekend full of ice cream trucks, summer sandals, warm breezes, welcome AC blasts, good books, and better company.

these girls and their style are way too much in the best way possible.

warm weather means that i can't get these shoes and these shoes (and these and these and these) out of my mind.

and speaking of the warmer weather, i've been wearing my tantuvi culottes like it's my job.

weekend plans: hopefully making it to this exhibit tomorrow. 

other weekend plans: catching up on this collaboration between gloria steinem and viceland

currently reading this powerful book, which pretty much everyone should read.

three words that made my week: hot-dog princess

going to beyonncee on tuesday (I KNOW). what should i wear/buy/do other than keep freaking out?


favorite independent designer/retailer finds of the week:

a.m. thorne / bliss and mischief / st. agni / cocodune / ceri hoover / fair season / luz ortiz / mother's daughter / about arianne / gravel & gold / ozma

Good Reads: 19 February 2016

This weekend is all about logistics. We just secured the lease on a new apartment in Brooklyn, I'm starting a super duper exciting new job soon (more to come), and we're doing things like BB&B-ing (Broad City-style), couch buying, and finally, finally, finally getting settled. I even ordered that damn Glossier moisturizer I haven't tried but have wanted to forever, and a Tangle per a friend's recommendation to help me put my nervous hair twirling to better use.

Look out, world.

Logistics aside, I'm spending the weekend hanging with my niece, eating veggie BBQ (it exists, and it's amazing), and having a long overdue coffee/breakfast situation with some friends. Since the next weeks are busy, I'll probably be a little quieter on here though I'll certainly post when I can. Until then, you know the drill – Instagram for updates and maybekindasorta Snapchat. I'm obsessed with it but don't really know what the F I'm doing. Alas.

Anyway, before the hustle of moving into our new place begins, I wanted to share a few links for the week – hope you have a good one!

industry standard jeans, common good linen water, betsy & iya earrings, little arrow studio print

agree, agree, agree with this piece about judging women and their food habits. what women eat (and the way they talk) is their business. case closed. 

megan huntz sent over the most beautiful, delicate separates this week. can't wait to share these gorgeous pups.

this episode of fresh air was powerful, to say the least.

a great piece from last week on the power of "formation".

shoppers recall their first purchase at barneys (oddly captivating).

technically for teens, this witty, informative newsletter contains just enough pop culture news that i feel hip. diggin' clover.

i'd like to live in mansur gavriel's fall 2016 presentation.

me, talking coffee table books, on domino.

some street style inspiration for the win.

artist jordan grace owens shared her beautiful bungalow with me for clementine daily.

market starts this weekend. best of luck to all of my friends at capsule!


new additions to the design directory:

koja / leigh miller / marlow goods / vuela / agmes / fabric / nahanni arntzen

Good Reads: 29 January 2016

The snow's been gone for just a few minutes and I miss it already. I always think that if it's going to be cold, it should snow. Cold, grey weather is a little boring.

This weekend will be pretty chill. There will be some some thrifting (see below on faux fur coat thoughts), some donut eating, some new product sampling (I'm having a big moment with skincare) and some all around, generally great hanging. 

Before it begins, there was some gold on the internet this week, so maybe check out the links below before you take off. Have a good one!

feeling pretty proud of this dude and his photography work. 

best thing i read this week. this was the second best.

saw this really beautiful, interesting movie this week. if you like miranda july-ish stuff, you'll like this.

official: we run this thing.

a gorgeous pre-fall collection

score 100 for mattel. (the foot thing – how is that just now being fixed?)

excited for this short film, the mission behind it, and the mission behind this awesome project.

on the hunt for a great faux fur coat. anyone have any leads for me?

almost died over these shoes this week.

thankful for the day i started following kanye on twitter. (#waves)

bread forever.

folks in the north carolina area, go to my very talented friend's store opening party on saturday!


a few new additions to the designer directory: sara barner / the stell / home-work / aeron / the great lakes goods  

more by me: how to start a feminist podcast / home tour: jordan grace owens

Good Reads: 15 January 2016


I'm not over it, even in the slightest. Has anyone else been hit as surprisingly hard about this as I am? He seemed like someone that would never die, and I don't really want to believe that he did.

As I have been all week, I plan to spend the weekend listening to Bowie playlists. Otherwise, I'll be catching up Oscar noms and getting rid of some of that remaining holiday and winter clutter accumulation. (Adulting, as its finest.)

A few favorite links of the week are below for some reading before you check out on Friday. Whatever you're up to, I hope you have a good one!

Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

leslie jones, showing us all how it should be done.

just when i thought transparent couldn't get any better – there was season two.

what to do if you win the lottery.

this very smart post may be holiday themed, but it can be applied to any weekend or vacation. routine = key.

an inspiring interview with refinery29's christene barberich.

"life should be fun and full of girls who inspire each and every day." liking this new site.

adding to my "to read" list.

all about that simple, geometric jewelry. betsy & iya just launched their unu collection and it's a total winner. 

a beautiful, heartbreaking read.

with the onset of some actual winter weather, this blanket is starting to feel like a good idea. (don't judge)

by this point, i'm sure you've seen "making a murderer", right? (confession: i'm a #stranger)


david bowie, class act.


"thank you, mr. bowie. you changed our lives."


a few new additions to the designer directory :

penny sagereality studio / heart heart heart / away / sunday supply / sophie monet

Good Reads: 18 December 2015

And suddenly, we're already on our way back to the U.K.

Where did December go? (But for real – where did it go?)

I'll be in London for the next two weeks seeing friends and family for the holiday, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. It's been almost six months since we moved back to the States but it feels like an entire lifetime ago.

It's funny how the second you move your old life seems completely out of reach, and when you think back to that life you once lived, it feels like watching a movie. But, I know that as soon as we're back in the city it'll all come whooshing back and that's something I'm looking forward to.

Though I'll be working on and off during the holidays, the main place I'll be on the internet is Instagram so let's plan to hang out there, shall we?

A few favorite links and additions to the Independent Designer Directory are below. And otherwise, here's wishing you and yours a very happy holiday indeed.

love knit wit and the very idea of cool, modern lady crafting, and equally love this piece they recently contributed to clementine daily.

a fascinating piece about the role twitter played in this woman's life.

if you're in north carolina, might i recommend you pay a visit to my friend ana maria's beautiful new store

currently dreaming of these.

would love to discuss this in greater depth, but in the beginning of gloria steinem's "my life on the road" (which i'm currently reading) she makes a fascinating comparison to our love for media of all kinds to our natural longing to escape. as in, maybe as humans we're not supposed to "settle down" at all and we're fighting some deep rooted natural inclination when we do, which is why we so often turn to media to escape, even on a micro level. mind blown, right? but let's come back to this later – there's much more to be said.

more on name changing.

feeling a lot of love for this incredible group for young girls, which i learned about thanks to episode 5 of this podcast.


recently from me: tribe alive / an independent holiday gift guide / networking for introverts / home decor gift picks / how to have a stress free holiday / an ode to ugly shoes / talking with engineer-turned-fashion designer and lovely lady, julie sygiel


independent designer/retailer finds of the week: day space night / solid state goods / tusk / charlotte chesnais / starch slides / people of 2morrow / m. grace jewelry / you're welcome / see sun 

Good Reads: 20 November 2015

This is a slightly blurry photo that I took when I was last in Paris in August of 2014. It was beautiful and perfect and filled with love and light and pastries, as Paris tends to be, and of course still is.

Like most life-changing events, this time last Friday we had no idea what was about to happen. I know that's how "life" goes, but it'll never cease to surprise me how one minute we can be so caught up in nothing of importance, and the next minute everything can change.

Anyway, I know everyone is feeling the same way right now but I wanted to share a photo and a couple of quick thoughts about what was, is, and will always be one of my favorite places on Earth. Paris.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful, appreciative, and safe weekend. A few links below for some quick Friday reading, most of which are much lighter in theme than this.

Wishing you and yours all the best.


one way to help.

"what would I do if I weren't afraid?" probably nothing." this piece on imposter syndrome is reading my mind.

loving ursa major's new kits, and wanting to try their natural deoderant. (their moisturizer is my personal all-time favorite.)

so much gloria steinem goodness – here she is with rgb, and here she is with lena dunham. also, has anyone read her new book?

a genius gift idea, especially for those of you who are looking to gift a little more intentionally this season.

aidy bryant's tokyo travel diary is gold.

really, really, really like the concept (and design) of this beautiful new mag.

if you're married, or would like to be at some point, did or would you change your surname? an interesting podcast on this topic. (i didn't, so i love this discussion.)

women as witches (love this). 


this week's additions to the independent designer directory:

association / prae / wind blown / faris / horses atelier / annie costello brown / olyver / monk oil / saskia pomeroy 


Good Reads: 30 October 2015

Rather than getting drunk and dressing up as a cat, impersonating Lucille Ball, or eating sugar and scaring myself with old movies to the point of throwing up (all tales of Halloween past), this weekend we're celebrating by leaving town and heading to the mountains. But in the spirit of the holiday, I booked us to stay at a small farm house in the middle of the countryside on Halloween night. Just to keep things interesting, and because in planning the weekend I didn't think about the fact that I was basically writing a horror movie. 

Speaking of interesting, next week is my birthday. 30th, that is. I'm not sure how I feel about it – it didn't bother me in the slightest leading up to it, and I'd like to say that it still doesn't, but it does feel kind of weird. Like, how am I 30? But at the same time, all of my friends are over 30 already so it feels a little dramatic to even go on about it. Just having some thoughts is all.

I hope you're up to something fun and festive than includes either shacking up with strangers in the middle of nowhere or getting drunk and drawing on your face. What I'm trying to say is happy Halloween and weekend in general! Hope you have a good one and in the meantime, check out some of these very good reads before you go – 

one of my favorite things about the cold-weather season.

zadie smith's rules of writing.

looming birthday in mind, this book feels appropriate.

i know we're all sick of this at this point (actually though, i'm not) but i could watch drake dancing to the rugrats theme all day long.

nyc gals – come hang out with dear kate in a few weeks! were i going to be in ny, i would definitely be there.

cienne's fall/winter collection looks gorgeous and, even better, warm and snuggly.

love this bed stuy loft.

what are you reading? i've just finished my mindy kaling-athon and have moved on to this gem

love the idea of this brilliant and beautiful new site.

all hail jesse kamm.

brilliant women, brilliant interviews: jenny slate on rookie, carrie brownstein on fresh air

hudson + daughter asked me a few questions over on her blog. thanks for having me, rebecca!


new additions to the independent designer directory + favorite independent finds of the week:

laura slater / hechizo / kindred black (via the american edit) / mquan / modernhaus / k studio / toit volant (via lisa says gah)  / marigot collection / loela