Sunday Objects | 1

Happy weekend! Today, I'm starting a new series called Sunday Objects.

The idea behind Sunday Objects is taking time to look around, reflect, and think on the past. I've been lucky enough to travel and live in some pretty cool places, and have collected little tchotchkes all along the way. 

So each Sunday, I'll post a photo of a few simple, everyday objects in my life. All of these things remind of me of the people and places that I love, so I figured I'd share them with you folks and encourage you to do the same!

My first series of objects:

  • A beaded necklace, purchased at a roadside village on my second trip to South Africa
  • A tiny wooden shoe, purchased on my first trip to Amsterdam 
  • My trusty Herb Lester City Guide to East London, purchased when I first moved to East London at the end of 2012
  • A seashell from a family trip to Wilmington, North Carolina a few years back
  • A sugar-skull type tchotchke purchased on my second trip to Amsterdam

Now: show me your Sunday Objects! It could be anything – a pair of shoes you love, a magazine tear out that inspired you, a random pine cone. Whatever little things exist around you that you see every day, but maybe don't take the time to reflect on. Here's your chance to both reflect, and share. I'd love to see!

Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday!