Cienne NY Fall 2015

We all love stripes. That's pretty much the end of the story, and it will be that way always and forever, amen. And while we've seen the stripe done so many times, in so many ways, I find it amazing that some designers still find a way to make it feel fresh. (How do they do it?)

KULE is one of those designers, thanks to a recently released collection that's dedicated to variations of the stripe.

Cienne NY is another. They did some pretty magic things with their Summer collection (hello, Ryan Dress) and with today's release of the Fall collection, they've done it again thanks to a few key stripe placements and some killer lengths and cuts:

There's something fresh about Cienne's approach to design, too. Nicole of Cienne NY tells me that she wanted to create pieces that were "unique yet approachable, with a focus on quality and meaning."

All Cienne NY fabrics are sourced globally, produced in New York, and shown in small batch collections. The whole brand concept is using "minimal design to showcase unique textiles from around the world".

I just love that.

Shop the full Cienne NY Fall 2015 collection here, and follow them here, here, here, and here