Botanica Workshop Spring/Summer 2016

And just as we're gearing up for fall, it's time to start thinking about the spring.

While the industry and the retail cycle are fast-moving, the slow fashion movement has slowly but surely taken over, just as the slow food movement did several years ago.

The fun part about this is seeing where the two worlds intersect – something I've been thinking about a lot now that we're in North Carolina and surrounded by farms and markets. Not that the farmers' markets in New York and London weren't great – they were and are – but there's something that feels almost more authentic about the markets and food communities in North Carolina. They're a little bit closer to nature and a little more within reach. 

All of this in mind, I've been thinking about the way the craft and focus that goes into the slow food movement is similar to the slow fashion movement. It's intentional, connected with nature, and connected with community.

The designer of Botanica Workshop, Misa Miyagawa, certainly gets it. Her Spring/Summer 2016 collection was driven by the slow food movement in process and in color – araucana eggs, spring fennel, and turmeric inspired the palette used in her collection. And further, the the design of each piece in the collection, titled "Light Touch, Clean Taste", was approached like a recipe, and by taking raw materials and transforming them into new objects.


The collection will soon be available online, but in the meantime my New York gals can preview the collection at Market 194 in New York (17-19 September) and L.A. types can plan a studio visit at Atwarer Crossing (7-20 October).

Shop Botanica Workshop here, learn more about Misa and her commitment to sustainable practices here, and follow Botanica here, here, and here

Botanica Workshop Spring/Summer 2015

Sustainable, organic underwear line Botanica Workshop first came to my attention a few weeks back through the blogosphere.

I was immediately taken by the lookbook. The pieces are feminine but simple, and modern with fun, boyish elements that maintain their sweetness. They also have striped undies so, that was basically enough for me. 

The debut SS15 collection, called clearwater, was inspired by the Japanese technique of natural dyeing known as kusaki-zome. All of this comes together thanks to the super smart gal behind Botanica Workshop, Misa Miyagawa. She's lovely, has a killer name, and used to live not too far to where I am in London, so she gets tons of bonus points.

All the more reason to love this new line of organic lingerie and underwear separates:

Stockists for Botanica Workshop will be announced soon. In the meantime, make sure you're following them on Instagram so that you don't miss out on any new product releases or updates.