The Drowned Man: 1950's Hollywood

East London based Punchdrunk describes their work as "a game changing form of immersive theatre in which roaming audiences experience epic storytelling inside sensory theatrical worlds."

They're the crazy genius people behind Sleep No More in New York and The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable, which I saw last Friday in London.

The Drowned Man takes you to a dark, twisted, seedy version of 1950's/early 1960's Hollywood. There's also an entire floor covered in sand. On this floor exists a motel, a murder, and a scarecrow funeral, so that's cool.

After one very select song was featured in the performance, it got me to thinking about/obsessing over the 50s, The Shangri-La's, wearing floral dresses, flats and bouncy ponytails. 


Girl Crush: Rockabillys

On one of my first trips to London, I was introduced to the world of rockabilly. For those of you not familiar with the term, rockabilly is one of the earlier types of rock & roll which dates back to the late 1940s and early 1950s. Rockabillys are folks who listen to music from the era, dress as they did in this era, and basically live their lives as if it's 1952. This is kind of a stereotype but it's one that's basically true, and I don't think most would consider it offensive.

For whatever reason, that scene is huge in London so I've seen a fair amount of rockabilly-types since moving here.

And when it comes to this little morsel of subculture—particularly the ladies—I'm nothing but jealous of them.

Let me paint you a picture here. It's Halloween and you've decided to make a last-minute change to your outfit before heading out the door. Instead of joining your husband and brother-in-law in their Breaking Bad themed escapades (they were Jessie and Walt, you were set to be blue meth), you've come up with the most brilliant last minute plan and decided to be Fifty Shades of Grey by literally wearing fifty different shades of the color grey. Funny, right? Understated and clever,  just like you. You imagine people raving on the Tube platform, and being the hit of the party.

And then you arrive at the party and suddenly realize that everyone else looks like this:

and you look like this:


The onset of winter has only made it worse. I'm always surprised and angered every winter when I come across people wearing cute outfits despite the cold. In my mind, come winter, we all make a secret pact to put aside the fashion (to a certain extent) and survive by existing in sleeping bag puffer coats and snow boots. And then I'm walking through the Tube on the way home from work one day, in said outfit, and come across a couple who looks like this:

Between the hair, the makeup, the clothing, the shoes, the choreographed dancing (yep), and everything in between, I don't know how they do it.

These girls (and guys) can't help it, and man does it show! Keep up the good work—you've got a whole city who's jealous of you.