How To Shop Phillip Lim For Target...And What To Do Next Time

Thanks to some serious preparation work, I scored some of the top items on my Phillip Lim for Target wish list.



If you weren't so lucky, here are some tips for scoring what you want when it comes to limited edition designer collaborations:  

• Strategize. Make a list of your favorite items by category. Within each category, list the items by order of importance and don't forget the details - include sizing options and backup color preferences when relevant.

• Do your research. The launch time for the Phillip Lim collection wasn't released by Target, and "Sunday, September 15th" leaves a lot of time for sitting around and refreshing. To find answers, I did what anyone would do: I googled collection start times, and found articles from CNBCLA Mag, and corals + cognacs with their tips and tricks for shopping the collection, as well as details on past Target collaboration launch times. 


Hatch a plan. Since I'm in London and my family is in Atlanta, my mom and I staged a plan, using the 5-hour time difference to our advantage. She would stay up until midnight and a little after checking the Target site. I'd wake-up around 8AM in London (which is 3AM EST) and check the site. 

Unfortunately, Target put a stop to our plan by officially blocking their entire site to anyone outside of the U.S. after midnight on Saturday. Since there was no warning about this and no details in the error message as to why the site wasn't working, I assumed was down for everyone and only later discovered that I was locked out since I was shopping from the U.K. (An answer from a Target rep via @AskTarget  confirmed). This should have been made clear to Target shoppers worldwide ahead of time, but the lesson here is always to have a back-up plan, and in this case the lesson was that my sweet mother got online and bought the top items on our lists. When in doubt, don't sleep!


• Plan your perks. Think credit/debit card points, and the Target's in-house credit card, the RED card, which will save you 5% on each order.


Make sure you actually like what you're buying. It's easy to get caught up in the hype so make sure you actually want what you're purchasing. Designer collaborations are exciting, but nowadays they also happen often...and with that in mind, Isabel Marant for H&M launches on November 14th, which is only two months from now.


Did you have any luck shopping the Phillip Lim for Target collaboration? What'd you do that worked?