Good Reads: 5 June 2015

June, glorious June! And how amazing is it?

We started out with a few fall-like days (and when I say fall, I mean that our highs were in the low 50s fahrenheit) but we're now in a period of warmer days and I am in my element.

After I posted this earlier in the week, we've decided to take a day trip one of these weekends. I can't tell you how excited I am to get out of the city and into the fresh air.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to watching this important movie this weekend, eating ice cream in the sun (!), doing a little work (gals gotta do...) and hangin'. What are you guys up to?

had the pleasure of meeting the lovely sara from nodo this week. she's a fellow expat – an italian gal living in london – and she's following her dream of starting an accessories line. (please consider supporting her kickstarter! she's the nicest person. for real.)

best moment of the week, easily. 

this is from a few weeks ago but i just realized i never mentioned it: blog society voted me as one of the best bloggers for genuine partnerships. i'm humbled, to say the least, considering the company that i'm in – you'll see what i mean when you click through. thanks for your support, rebecca!

this outfit.

sw basics is donating 5% of all sales throughout the month of june to the national lgbtq task force. get shopping! (unsure about natural beauty? try here first)

natalie's great post on uniforms vs. capsule wardrobes, and finding your 20%. yay natalie!

zana just released a line of furniture and it's so good.

speaking of furniture, this is the best idea and a service i will definitely be utilizing once we're in nc.

can someone recommend a book for anxiety-racked folks like me who like to worry? the older i get, the more i find myself looking for pointless things to worry about and it ain't fun. help!

it was seven years ago this week that i moved to new york, and three years ago this week since i moved to london. here's a post i wrote on my two-year expat anniversary.

really loving the #lessonsimalwayslearning series.

heaven forbid. (makes me think of this and this.)

do you guys believe in horoscopes? mine was crazy accurate this month.

love marc maron.

go here, scroll down, and watch the video. i double dare you not to cry. (seriously, this video killed me this week.)


favorite finds of the week: louise gray (via wit & delight) / a lovely little shop / make it good (sister line to nell & mary) / tw workshop (via california tailor) / dayfeels (via miss moss) / letitia elizabeth / melting sun apparel / leota / lonely / noemiah / ichi / laura schoorl + pansy (via lisa says gah)