An American in Paris: What I Bought

Back in London today after my first trip through the Chunnel after moving to the UK last year. Of course, I'm in love with France and have plenty of photos, sound bites and stories that I'll put up later.

While I'm unpacking and listening to Edith Piaf, I wanted to share a couple of my purchases - all of which I am OB-SESSED with. 



A blue leather handbag, purchased from an adorably awkward old man at a leather shop in Nice. Between the two of us, what with our broken French/English and shy manners, there were enough red faces and apologetic smiles to last fo' days. 

Anyways, love the bag:

This cream from Maison du Savon de Marseille is my new favorite. After my friend and Brooklyn-based travel companion purchased it in Nice, I went on a hunt to find it once we had returned to Paris.

Obviously, I had to buy soaps to go with it, in addition to my already-purchased (and super well packaged) Monsavon soap + lavender face cream. (Am I French yet?)



One of the biggest highlights of the trip was our visit to Le Comptoir Général  which will get its own post later.

Also, a little paper baggie from awesome/insane Monaco. 

More to come! I'm off to drink wine and eat an 8-hour old pan au chocolat that I just had to bring with me.