The Brooklyn Way

An update, of sorts, because it sort of feels overdue.

In case you missed out, Derrick and I are back in Brooklyn. 

Like so many people say, New York has always felt like our city. We met in South Slope when he was visiting a friend, dated long distance for three years here, and finally got married at Manhattan City Hall.

For two people who have lived in so many places, this kind of feels like the place where we belong the most. It's the place that's the most ours.

Brooklyn, New York | Second Floor Flat

Another reason our new life and apartment in Brooklyn is a big deal: it feels embarrassing to admit but it's the first time we've really, truly lived alone. A few years of transition left us sharing spaces and leases with family and as nice as that's been, it feels ridiculously overdue for us to have a place of our own.

So now, being back in Brooklyn, in our first place, it feels wonderful and adult and real. We're in a perfect little flat in a big building with crown moulding and large windows. I feel like I can hide in it but still be a part of it all. It's ours, and it's heaven.

I also started a new job which feels like a wonderful fit. I feel really, truly happy, settled, and satisfied. Maybe a little tired, but where would we be without a single complaint, right? 

So as I type this from our new fourth floor flat, I can (but really) hear the birds singing on the tree outside our fire escape. Thinking of what that tree will be in like in a few more weeks into spring, and about how I'll dangle my feet out the fire escape to tan them once summer arrives (but nothing more - safety first, folks). How I'll get to introduce my niece to my favorite city and see it through her eyes. It all makes me ridiculously happy and – perhaps better – satisfied at a true, deep level.


So that's the update. We're here in Brooklyn, and it's home. We're home, finally.