Good Reads: 19 February 2016

This weekend is all about logistics. We just secured the lease on a new apartment in Brooklyn, I'm starting a super duper exciting new job soon (more to come), and we're doing things like BB&B-ing (Broad City-style), couch buying, and finally, finally, finally getting settled. I even ordered that damn Glossier moisturizer I haven't tried but have wanted to forever, and a Tangle per a friend's recommendation to help me put my nervous hair twirling to better use.

Look out, world.

Logistics aside, I'm spending the weekend hanging with my niece, eating veggie BBQ (it exists, and it's amazing), and having a long overdue coffee/breakfast situation with some friends. Since the next weeks are busy, I'll probably be a little quieter on here though I'll certainly post when I can. Until then, you know the drill – Instagram for updates and maybekindasorta Snapchat. I'm obsessed with it but don't really know what the F I'm doing. Alas.

Anyway, before the hustle of moving into our new place begins, I wanted to share a few links for the week – hope you have a good one!

industry standard jeans, common good linen water, betsy & iya earrings, little arrow studio print

agree, agree, agree with this piece about judging women and their food habits. what women eat (and the way they talk) is their business. case closed. 

megan huntz sent over the most beautiful, delicate separates this week. can't wait to share these gorgeous pups.

this episode of fresh air was powerful, to say the least.

a great piece from last week on the power of "formation".

shoppers recall their first purchase at barneys (oddly captivating).

technically for teens, this witty, informative newsletter contains just enough pop culture news that i feel hip. diggin' clover.

i'd like to live in mansur gavriel's fall 2016 presentation.

me, talking coffee table books, on domino.

some street style inspiration for the win.

artist jordan grace owens shared her beautiful bungalow with me for clementine daily.

market starts this weekend. best of luck to all of my friends at capsule!


new additions to the design directory:

koja / leigh miller / marlow goods / vuela / agmes / fabric / nahanni arntzen