How To Volunteer – As An Introvert

Standing on the front lines, hearts pounding, ready to fight for injustice. 

That's how a good and wise friend of mine described the way many of us are feeling these days. Because of the events of the last few weeks, a lot of us feel the call to fight more than ever before.

That means starting conversations and donating time and money. Great and grand and important, sure, but for the quieter ones in the crowd – (introverts, that is) – the volunteering bit can be easier said than done. You want to give back and donate your time, but you may not be ready to stand on a street corner and recruit strangers to join you in the battle for what's right. I totally get it.

Rest assured, your help is still needed. Introverts, ever-powerful in the workplace, can be just as impactful on the front lines in the fight for social justice. Here's how:

Assist with administrative work

Organizations like Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP, and others need help in their local offices doing things like assisting with communications, stuffing envelopes, working in Excel. This is just as important as the more visible positions, and will allow you to work hard for something you care about in a way that jives with who you are. After all, someone has to keep the trains running on time. (Not sure about the administrative volunteer opportunities available at these organizations, but it's still certainly worth checking out Black Lives Matter, Emily's List, Girl Up, Girls Inc.Defy Ventures, Inc., and local non-profits to see if they need help with behind the scenes tasks.)


Be a Big Brother or Big Sister

Join the local chapter of your Boys & Girls Club and become a Big Brother or Big Sister to a child who could use a little extra help. Introverts are much more comfortable in small groups and with one-on-one relationships – trust – so this is a perfect fit for those of us who might shy away from the megaphone.


Use Your Platform for Advocacy

You don't have to turn your social media accounts into all-or-nothing social justice micro-platforms, but consider informing your followers about ways they might be able to get involved with a certain project or program you believe in. As much as we love seeing what your shoes look like on some fall leaves (no sarcasm – we really do!) we also might want to know more about the things your believed in and involved in.


Speak Out

Thanks, MTA, for providing us with a phrase that extends far beyond what we ever thought. If you come across an act of injustice in your daily life, say something about it. By staying silent, you're being complacent. At the very least, let the person who was wronged know that they're not alone, and that you're on their side. Basically, if you see something, say something. (Thanks, MTA!)


More thoughts, ideas, recommendations for ways to help as an introvert (or otherwise) always welcome! Leave a comment below or reach out directly.