Good Reads: 15 January 2016


I'm not over it, even in the slightest. Has anyone else been hit as surprisingly hard about this as I am? He seemed like someone that would never die, and I don't really want to believe that he did.

As I have been all week, I plan to spend the weekend listening to Bowie playlists. Otherwise, I'll be catching up Oscar noms and getting rid of some of that remaining holiday and winter clutter accumulation. (Adulting, as its finest.)

A few favorite links of the week are below for some reading before you check out on Friday. Whatever you're up to, I hope you have a good one!

Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

leslie jones, showing us all how it should be done.

just when i thought transparent couldn't get any better – there was season two.

what to do if you win the lottery.

this very smart post may be holiday themed, but it can be applied to any weekend or vacation. routine = key.

an inspiring interview with refinery29's christene barberich.

"life should be fun and full of girls who inspire each and every day." liking this new site.

adding to my "to read" list.

all about that simple, geometric jewelry. betsy & iya just launched their unu collection and it's a total winner. 

a beautiful, heartbreaking read.

with the onset of some actual winter weather, this blanket is starting to feel like a good idea. (don't judge)

by this point, i'm sure you've seen "making a murderer", right? (confession: i'm a #stranger)


david bowie, class act.


"thank you, mr. bowie. you changed our lives."


a few new additions to the designer directory :

penny sagereality studio / heart heart heart / away / sunday supply / sophie monet