Shopping List: The Fall 2015 Cropped Pant

Indulge me for a moment, will you?

I'm currently having a love affair with a pair of pants. A knock down, drag out, downright obsession with a particular style of cropped pants that's everywhere right now. We'll call it the Fall 2015 Cropped Pant.

This is the kind of obsession I now encounter from time to time, and it began once I started practicing the method of shopping slow. I embraced a smaller closet, avoided fast fashion and quick, cheap, impulse fashion purchases, and now – now – have entered into a world of analyzing almost every single purchase I make. (Can any other small closet converts relate?)

This cropped pant is my current obsession. I love how ugly they are in the best way possible, and how perfect they'll be for transitional weather. Wear with a t-shirt and straw hat now, then a crewneck sweater and motorcycle boots later. It's sheer perfection, I tell you.

For your viewing pleasure, and for the sake of indulging my obsession just a little bit more, I've put together a list of 16 of the best, ugliest, and most perfect cropped pants around. Gals, meet the Fall 2015 Cropped Pant: