Good Reads: 11 September 2015

Do you ever have days or weeks where you just don't have much to say –literally, creatively, figuratively?

Sometimes everything is fine, but you're just kind of...there. Taking it all in, sitting quietly. That's how I felt this week.

D's family is visiting from South Africa for the next week. We're so excited to see them, show around our new town, and stuff our faces with snowcones. It's a 16 hour flight from Durban to JFK, and they've spent the last couple of days in New York after flying from South Africa by way of Dubai, so needless to say we're predicting they'll be pretty ready for some good ol' North Carolina BBQ.

That's really about it for me. What are you guys up to? 

Recharge Soap by Woodlot, Friendship Bracelet by Miss Balader

three words for your weekend: alcoholic root beer.

this place is now most definitely on the "to visit" list.

socality barbie rocked my instagram this week. ("it's like we're all competing to make the best computer screen saver and the winner gets crowned most authentic.") this post and this post are also personal favorites.

in total agreement with this piece on the love/hate relationship with fashion week.

sophie buhai, dream girl.

my bro-in-law's bro has an amazing book of illustrations coming out!

loving this song almost as much as i'm crushing on the singer behind it. feels perfect for rainy early fall mornings.

why i had to look outside of ny to find my husband. (though we actually met when he was visiting the city but you get the point.)

looking forward to learning more about the good closet, which launches next week.

i didn't read mindy kaling's first book (should i?) but her second looks great.

jodie layne is honest and real and just generally pretty great.


favorite finds of the week + new additions to the independent designer directory:

harry were / the hidden adventure / curatorharlow skin co. / happy spritz / soapy lane / bean and bailey / ming yu wangbetsy & iya (via clementine daily)