Good Reads: 3 September 2015

Holy moly, this week felt like a long one. Anyone agree?

I was wracked with anxiety for no reason and so many reasons. There's a lot going on with work and in the rest of our lives (health insurance dramas, driver's license tests). We have family coming next week, and September is quickly shaping up to be as quickly paced as both July and August were. We hit the ground running when we got to the States and haven't stopped since.

Perhaps it goes without saying that I'm pretty jazzed about the weekend. We're doing the farmers' market thing, the donut shop thing, the babysit-your-niece thing, maybe the movie thing, the clean the house thing, and the work a little on Sunday thing.

Have a great, great, great weekend and see you next week!

officially a creative genius.

thanks for having me, (and – let's not forget our canadian friends!). love those dang oxfords!

one star yelp reviews of national parks.

currently obsessing over these sisters and their genius beauty business.

elizabeth suzann released her swoony fall 2015 collection this week, and it features the dreamiest pants for cold weather ever.

...and speaking of pants – check these out.

...and on the note of loungewear, say hello to sleeper's new bespoke loungewear collection.

fred armisen and bill hader take grey gardens.

this book is on my list. (though, without a public transport commute, i'm finding it increasingly difficult to find a good time to read. any tips?)


favorite finds of the week + new additions to the independent maker directory:

erica kane finkyes ma'amkisua / abbey glass / janelle gramling / negative underwear / thorn & bloom perfumebrooklyn candle studio / w3ll peopleolle eksell (via design love fest