Currently: August + September 2015

I know we're all head over heels for fall at this point, but there are still days in North Carolina that feel downright summery. Were I back in London, I would've been wrapped in long sleeves for months now. But here, in The Old North State? We're only now getting to the point where you need a little something extra for warmth in the mornings. Afternoons are still firmly reserved for bare legs, short sleeves, and light layers.

We've been taking advantage of what the late summer has to offer (last weekend's hurricane weather definitely not included) and spending as much time outdoors as possible. That includes a late August beach trip, and a return to the beach this weekend. Because really – if you haven't been to the beach in autumn, you need to make a point to go. There's just something about being at the beach when there's a slight chill in the air and that shocking, crisp light that only happens at this time of year that's pretty breathtaking. It's also just 2.5 hours away by car, so who can complain?

That's where I'll be if you need me over the next couple of days. In the meantime, here's a look at what we've been up to currently – loving, doing, experiencing, and the rest – in our little pocket of North Carolina:

looking for a quieter mind via meditation and accupuncture, which i'm trying for the first time tonight. all of your wonderful recommendations for meditation have led me on the hunt for a teacher or studio in the raleigh-durham area. i've done some cold research, but if anyone has a recommendation please let me know here. thank you!

loving stowaway's genius tiny makeup which, thanks to its size, means that you'll never keep your mascara or blush for longer than you really should. (hello, bacteria.) bonus: this eyeliner is legitimately the best i've tried in a while.

embracing the very great and very easy life hack of putting smoothie ingredients in the blender the night before. not exactly a game changer, but definitely a time saver.

(finally) jumping on the mindy kaling bandwagon and loving every second of it. after reading "why not me?" for a virtual bookclub with one of my london girlfriends, i began watching "the mindy project" and am now about to start "is everyone hanging out without me?" and genuinely lol-ing across the board.  now, i just want to be friends with her. 

finetuning my copywriting skills and loving it. my background is in magazines and lifestyle journalism, but over the last year i've been doing more copywriting work and found it to be pretty great.

adding turmeric to my warm drink routine and feeling the benefits, especially when used sparingly and paired with raw honey. yum.

smelling pretty good, and working to calm my settling-in-a-new-area anxieties with help from woodlot's lavender + bergamot refreshing mist (love a good mist!) and little barn apothecary's lemongrass + mint body oil.

appreciating the support we've received for monday monday! this is a small side project i've been working on for the last couple of months and it's been so nice to finally share it with others. and if you'd like to buy those lovely striped shirts you see in the picture above, you can do see here.

trying my hand at gardening and almost failing. i recently brought a zebra plant, four succulents, and a sturdy leafy green tropical plant with a name i've already forgotten to our room. embracing bright light, misting, and prayers for their survival. 

enjoying seeing the south, my home region, through the eyes of someone brand new to the area. makes you give things you'd normally pass a second glance, and a deeper look.

obsessing over california, still, and hoping to plan a trip back to l.a. this winter to satisfy my cali-crush. (people who live there: is it as cool as it looks?)

hanging out with beloved family (both here, and visiting from south africa) and feeling grateful. also, feeling thankful for technology (whats up, whatsapp) for connecting me with the ones i love who are far away.

wearing my sailor pants, the product of some serious slow shopping, and my someware lace-up sandals. the two together, paired with long sleeves as needed, are making my north carolina warm fall wardrobe something special.

meeting lots of lovely people in the raleigh-durham area and thanking my stars yet again for the beauty of instagram and the blogging world. my 'network' is ever expanding thanks to this blog and social media and i'm so appreciative of it.


what are you up to, currently? anything you're particularly loving, eating, drinking, thinking about, obsessing over lately? even the most mundane things are welcome – i'd love to hear!