Good Reads: 7 August 2015

Well hey! What are you up to this weekend?

We kicked things off right with a trip to see the Durham Bulls last night. I'm not a huge sports person (surprise!) but there's just something so summery and fun about going to a baseball game. Besides, Durham's team is in the minor leagues and it's such a pleasure to go compared to an Atlanta Braves or Mets game. Traffic is easy, parking is cheap as chips, and the food is equally so – all concessions last night were $1. $1, guys. Plus, they offer options for veggies and food from local vendors which I think is pretty great.

This weekend will be pretty low key. We may finally tackle some of the boxes sitting around the living room, probably get outdoors and head to the farmer's market, try a few new restaurants – that sort of thing. I'm also itching to catch-up on some reading! I've fallen sorely behind with reading over the past month. It's time to change that.

What are you guys up to? Whatever it is, I hope you have a great weekend!

half moon pendant by arrow & sage

the pink tile with the green plants = i'm dying

"we don’t inherently judge the moodiness of a male face. but as women, we are almost expected to put on a smile. so if we don’t, it’s deemed ‘bitchy.’ " yes, true.

are we still saying girl crush? if so, then major girl crush on caroline. (and she lives in my old 'hood!)

really enjoyed the vulnerability expressed and knowledge shared by allie lehman on the well / aware podcast. introverts and lovers of introverts, be sure to give this a listen. 

everyone's talking about this documentary. have you seen it?

and speaking of movies, i'm up for seeing anything with greta gerwig.

suddenly everything made sense. shoutout to my white american apparel hoodie and too many scarves to mention for keeping me warm in the office throughout the years.

well hello wooden stool from ikea.

i've worked primarily with women throughout my career so i really enjoyed this read on why we need older women in the workplace.

dollywood is...weird.

loving everything about this app. (seriously – try it if you're in the u.s.! it's so cool.)

adina grigore is clementine daily's guest editor! (i loved skin cleanse, and i love s.w. basics)

we all really, really like, don't we?

i'm in the portland of the south, y'all.

these flats are everywhere right now and i'm officially joining in on the obsession. (love them in baby blue.)



a few other things:

my mini guide to london for super sweet fellow nc gal twin stripe.

favorites from a beautiful shop with an inspiring mission.


new additions to the independent designer directory and favorite finds of the week:

 wildwood & firth / lowell / charlotte smith / eo products (via of a kind) / calder & byrne / eliza faulkner / eqv / aster + bay / don't worry baby / btw ceramics / smoke perfume (via woven

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