Shopping List: Summer Sale Picks

I've been a little obsessed with summer clothes lately.

Let's face it: London isn't exactly known for its hot weather, and as someone who's always cold, I spent most of my time there in long-sleeved button-ups. 

While I won't be shedding those, well, ever, I've decided to embrace a new summer wardrobe after I unpacked and realized that the last time I bought summer clothes I was 25 and had, shall we say, slightly different taste. Luckily we arrived just in time for the summer sales, so I'm eyeing several things while maintaining a slow shopping mindset.

Picture me wearing one of my favorite summer sale picks with this hat, on my new hammock (yes!), slathered in bug spray (unfortunately) and drinking a nut milk. Does it get much better?

crescent moon floating ring (now $35)

jane top (now $89)

the ciggy (now $89) – To pair with breezy, billowy sleeveless blouses and sheaths

mini creamer (now $14) – Wouln't this make a nice vase for a sweet little flower?

low back chemise (now $364)

malick flat slip on (now $99)

pia dress (now $169)

indigo pullover (now $62)

lune sandal (now $248)

tassel 11 (now $70.99)

hydrate facial toner (now $18)

marketmore hat (now $79.99)

farm vase (now $40.80)

new berliner dress (now $99) 

indigo tunic ($88) – I cheated. This tunic is not on sale, but it is from Carla Osborn's Pippa Romana, so I'd say it's worth including.

sunshine cream (now $14)


What was your favorite buy this summer, or even this year? I'm on the lookout for a wear-everyday striped tank, so if you've seen a great one then let me know! I'm all ears.