Currently: July 2015

Well, things have certainly changed since last month's Currently, haven't they?

It's been almost a month since we arrived in the States but it feels much longer than that. It's so odd how your perception of time can warp depending on a current situation.

We've gotten tons done in the last month (bank accounts, phone numbers, social security stuff, that all-important mattress) and are also allowing for plenty of time to explore the city and try out all of the markets and restaurants – Durham has a killer food scene, and it's a much easier, more affordable experience eating out than it ever was in New York or London (obviously). That's been nice.

Overall, we're loving exploring our new city and settling in to our slower, greener way of life. I've been sleeping so well, thanks to either the release of such a big stress, quieter surroundings, or maybe it's just that giant mattress. We definitely miss London and our friends and family there, but for selfish reasons it is very nice to wake up either naturally or to an alarm, rather than the sound of double decker buses driving by your window at 5 AM. 

Anyway. Here's a look at what we've been up to, Currently, for our first month back in the States:

hunkering down with my mom (and borrowing her car) as we get things settled. to come: our own place, a car, a dog – which is probably the most exciting part of our entire move/maybe the point?

unpacking, albeit intentionally. since we'll be moving to our own place at some point, most personal belongings are staying in the 13 cardboard boxes that surround me as i type this. the very fact that we're able to do that makes me wonder if we even need what's in those boxes. maybe i need to read my own post on minimalist moving tips?

feeling completely obsessed with california after my quick trip to l.a. that i definitely haven't stopped talking about.

looking for new ways to embrace wellness. on my "to try" list is this yoga studio (thanks to sasha for the recommendation), kombucha and kimchi , and maybe this and this.

(finally) wearing summer clothes in all forms, from sandals to sundresses. it's been 3 summers since i needed hot weather clothes, and i've arrived just in time for all of the sales. so far, i'm stocking up on comfy cotton everlane tanks.

drinking all of the iced coffee thanks to the leftovers from my morning chemex, which makes the best homemade iced coffee ever. if you really want to live dangerously, consider adding a dash of chocolate milk. 

cuffs are my go to when it come to bracelets, but i'm currently having a thing for thin, delicate wrap bracelets. this began when i started wearing this one from jukserei and this one from miss balader that i won in a (super sweet) giveaway.

enjoying the flowers that dear june letters sent over, as well as the discovery of my new favorite local flower shop. (thank you!)

minimizing my bug bites with this natural bug spray that also smells pretty great.

reading this book and enjoying the description of brighton and another (very different) expat experience.

eating all of the mexican food in the southeast, because combination plates.

hoping to fit in a last minute trip to the beach next month (!). i haven't worn a bathing suit in two years, y'all, so it's about damn time that happens. (also: the wood paneling in this beach cottage is pretty great.)


so: what have you been up to? traveling, camping, trying to stay cool, avoiding bugs, eating mexican food, drinking iced coffee, starting new projects? i'd love to hear!