Good Reads: 24 July 2015

I hopped over to L.A. for a couple of days this week with Clementine Daily. It was a really quick trip – I was there for basically a day – but it was enough for me to see the super swanky side of L.A. (read: Beverly Hills) and the part of L.A. where I felt at home (read: Silver Lake). 

It was my first time there and one of my first times ever on the West Coast and I really, really loved it! (Like, loved it.) Not sure if I'm ready for that whole "Best Coast" thing just yet, but I definitely get the obsession with California.

While doing the L.A. thing, I met up with one of my dearest pals for veggie burgers under the sun, which felt very cliche L.A. in the best way, then spent some time driving around the city. It wasn't a bad way to spend a few days mid-week, I'll say that, and I'm now itching to make another trip happen as soon as possible.

A few favorite links are below – semi-light this week (I was traveling, ok?) – as well as some new additions to the Indie Designer Directory. Have a great weekend, gang!

the awesome gals at dear kate have launched a podcast! listen/download here

current outfit inspiration.

thanks for having me, nice package! (and if you need help with promotion or events in the ny area, this is your gal.)

this gorgeous furniture site is killing me. a few of their pieces are definitely on the list at some point, once we're settled.

looking forward to trying out this place and soon.

picked up this great basic in an effort to re-southify my summer wardrobe. (aka the last time i bought summer clothes was 2012 / my taste has changed / i need clothes for july-in-the-south weather.)

now this is a cool project.

finally got to try moon juice this week and am literally and figuratively drinking the kool aid. i'm pretty into eating mindfully as it is, and i'm here to tell you that these products are genuinely as delicious as they are wholesome. this bar boggled my mind with its yumminess. rose geranium? sold, sold, sold.


favorite finds of the week: reform schoollu / wiltenkle designs / inka london / mixed business / akron street / in bed / reid miller / mazama wares / the market at fifth avenue (via amelia) / erbaviva / son of a sailor (which i've been a fan of for a while but can't believe i haven't added to the directory until now. sorry, guys!)