Good Reads: 3 July 2015

This has been one of those weeks where there's so much going on that you don't even realize what you're doing or how much time is passing. You're just going through the list, crossing off tasks, and running around like a nut. Man alive, it's been crazy.

I'm a big reader but it's been the kind of week where I haven't done any reading at all because I haven't been able to fully relax. I've relied on the powers of Amy Schumer and Kenny Powers to put my mind at ease, as you do. And while I'm definitely not complaining about that, I am looking forward to having a little bit of space and breathing room, which will happen very, very soon. 

And on that note: We have a very big weekend coming up, which I'll share more about tomorrow on Instagram. And because of the craziness of this weekend, I'm going to be a little quieter on the blog next week. Dry those eyes, though, because I'll be back. I just need a few days to deal. (So, so ambiguous right?)

Oh – and how could I forget? To my fellow Americans, whever you may be, happy 4th of July! Here's to fireworks, burgers (veg or non), popsicles (or ice lollies), sunshine, cold beer, and all of the rest. Enjoy!

how to look smart in a book club. (via stella)

girl scouts, ftw.

these are some of the best damn hand poured candles around.

for the voyeurs in the crowd.

are you familiar with this french photographer? her work kills me, every single time.

two great sweatshirts: this one and this one

looking for a creative workshop for your team? need some confidence boosting in the biz department? lisa is your girl. (she's also awesome for a lot of reasons – see here.)

just about drooling over the mociun white interior, no big deal.


favorite independent designer/retailer finds of the week: cienne / ivy ivy ivycalder + roxana salehoun (via lisa says gah) / father rabbit (via jojotastic) / the midnight shop (via jaime) / antonym cosmetics / mox store / camp cove swim / anm / rachel ravitch