Dresses By Bird

The weather has been unseasonably warm in London lately. By that I mean that it feels like real-deal summer rather than a British summer – we're even set to hit the 30s C / 90s F degree mark today. This is the hottest, sunniest week I've seen since moving to London and I'm over the moon (sun?) about it.

Cue wearing all of the sundresses, immediately. Summer dresses have a way of seemingly solving all of your problems, don't they? They're so easy, so comfortable, and there's so much opportunity for chicness. 

Just in time, Bird – which is a bit of an establishment in the world of Brooklyn boutiques – has launched their first collection. Dresses By Bird will now hang alongside designers like Demy Lee and APIECE APART, and their placement is most certainly well deserve. I love seeing retailers branch out and launching their own collections, and bringing their taste and aesthetic to life. 

These dresses are perfect for summering, whatever that looks like to you. I'm having trouble choosing a favorite but I'd love to hear what yours is. They're all so dreamy, aren't they?