Good Reads: 26 June 2015

How was your week?

Mine was good, though I will say that we basically have all of the things going on right now.

As I mentioned, we're bouncing around London as we wait for the final ok for our move. It's been fun in a way because it's allowed me to see different areas of the city – try out different flats (thank for for AirBnB), see what my life might've been like elsewhere. The flat we stayed in this week was on a quiet, sweet, residential street. The back area has lots of trees and greenery – I heard birds for the first time in forever – and there's even a little fox who sits on the brick wall at the back of the garden every morning and evening. Isn't that charming?

But if all of the moving and visa waiting wasn't enough, I've also been working on a couple of really, really exciting side projects in addition to my regular work. I can't wait to share what I'm working on with you guys, but it's meant that in the build up I'm working a full day, then working on my side project in addition to blogging when I have the time outside of "work hours". I have confidence in my multi-tasking skills and pride myself on being able to handle whatever I'm given (or really, take on) but I'd love to hear any tips you have on sustaining energy and time management. Suggestions are certainly welcome!

As always, my favorite designer and retailer finds of the week are at the bottom of this post and you can find more favorites on my Independent Maker Directory.

 Hope you guys have the best weekend! I'd love to hear how you're feeling and what you're up to. 

i've had this samudra clutch for years and it's currently saving my life as the perfect sized bag for dry shampoo (i finally got on the klorane train), teeny travel hair dryers, hair ties, and other random bits and bobs.

beautiful magazine

my week felt a little bit like this.

an awesome choose your own adventure travel guide that starts with san francisco.

kule's super-duper babelicious striped shirts are now available! love them all.

why we need to stop apologizing

marc maron's interview with president obama is definitely worth listening to (if you haven't already). 

also, this classy response.

fog linen everything, please. especially these.

i've been nerding out this week on business strategy and financial podcasts. any books, etc. on this topic that you love? occassionally, i get really into it.

farewell to lucky as we knew it, though i'm looking forward to seeing what's next. here's what writing about fashion and shopping can teach. (and yes for a bit of justification for people, like me, who write about clothes.)

how to wear vintage levi's

a glorious natural beauty resource for those in the uk. how i wish i'd known about this sooner! (thanks for the find, erin!)

loving helen's style.

reminder: exclusive tradlands discount ends on tuesday! i promise you won't regret your purchase.


favorite finds of the week: lindsay stead / nikki chasin / kelaoke / half moon atelier / jamie and the jones / alexis mera / primarilly pure (via death to the stock photo) / black optical / gunner & lux / dresshirt / c.a.b. / lacausaclothing