Podcast-Hosting Gals I Want To Hang With

Working from home is a treat for a ton of reasons.

Aside from the fact that you can wear the same thing almost everyday, work in bed, and do yoga or laundry whenever you feel like, it's also an incredible time saver. I work "regular" hours and always get ready for the day – fully dressed, sometimes shoes, a little makeup, etc. – but without the necessity of preparing for a full day away from the house plus commuting time, I save a good two hours, if not more, every single day. That's amazing.

There are downsides, though. Sometimes it's like this and for that reason I've become a total advocate for podcasts. It can be nice to hear a human conversation rather than music while you work, you know?

In my time working from home, I've tried out many a podcast. I've currently settled on a very nice mix of news, interviews, business stuff, storytelling stuff, and lady chat stuff – which includes all of the above and more. These lady chat podcasts are my favorites, and I've developed firm girl crushes on a handful of the hosts.

Without further ado, these are the top podcast-hosting gals that I'd love to hang out with, talk to, interview, etc.:

Cristen and Caroline from Stuff Mom Never Told You

This podcast is from the Stuff You Should Know and How Stuff Works folks, so you know it's going to be good. Cristen and Caroline are super smart, also approachable and friendly-sounding, and cover all kinds of interesting topics with a female-focused bend. (Bonus: They're friends with the Dear Kate folk! Girl crush explosion.)


Jessica Murnane from the One Part Podcast:

Maybe you're looking to try a plant-based diet, or maybe you've just heard me talk about those goddamn flax energy bites for so long that you want to try them. Either way, you should know about Jessica Murnane – host of the One Part Podcast which is about health, nutrition, wellness, and just life in general. Jessica is completely chill and relaxed, and the perfect person to once and for all get rid of the idea that plant-based food has to be expensive or exclusive.


Claire and Erica from A Few Things With Claire And Erica:  

These are the Of A Kind gals, but you probably already knew that. The thing I like so much about this brand-new podcast is that it's like an edited, curated version of a conversation you'd have with a girlfriend over gchat. Claire and Erica talk about everything from anxiety to linen sheets to underwire bras and citrus fruit. It's so fun to listen to, and you'll walk away with a list of things to research.


Anna Sale from Death, Sex & Money

Death, Sex & Money is one of the highest-ranking podcassts out there, and for good reason. It covers a variety of topics (most relate to death, sex, and money in some way) and host Anna Sale has a way of making you feel informed, interested in the episode's subject matter, and also oddly comforted. The Ellen Burstyn interview is an absolute favorite of mine.


Honorable mentions:

Jess Lively from The Lively Show and Jennifer E. Snyder from the Creating Your Own Path podcast. I mentioned both of these gals in a previous roundup about podcast-love. Several months later and I'm still listening to and loving, and gal-crushing on both. Look 'em up!


Closing note: Does anyone else ever pretend they're being interviewed in the podcast, and imagine yourself answering thoughtfully? Maybe I've been working from home for too long.

What podcasts do you listen to? I'd love to know.