Good Reads: 12 June 2015

No joke, yesterday was one the most stressful days of my life. The kind of day that makes a job interview or presentation feel like a walk in the park. 

This is all regarding our visa process, but I don't want to go into too many details because I'm afraid of saying anything specific until the visa is literally in our hands. We're not booking plane tickets until then, or making any final announcements. There are several steps to the process – even when the application is approved, you don't get the visa right away – there's another mini waiting period. And at this point I just don't want to jinx anything at all, hence my tendency towards the vague.

Back to yesterday.

Everything hit me while we were speaking to the Embassy representative, which was excellent timing. I was so overwhelmed with nerves and stress and hope and fear that I started to black out and had to sit down to prevent an embarassing fainting situation. This was during the conversation, which continued despite my being on the floor by the way. (I should also mention that I'm no stranger to fainting in public places. Corner store? Classroom you're lecturing? New York subway train? Yep, fainted in all of those places.)

This is the second severe reaction I've had to stress this year. In February and March I broke out in severe blisters on my right hand that had me almost in tears every night for a month. I had to keep ice on my hand and take meds five times a day. Cause of the blisters? A reaction to stress and disappointment.


(Also, I won't even mention my hair color right now. Hint: It's really grey.)

Anyway, it's clear that I need to chill the f out. I'm working on it, and seems that we really might be done with our process soon. Tomorrow, we're heading to Seven Sisters with some friends to escape the city and relax a little bit. I should say that we did have very good news yesterday – on the whole it was a great day – so I just need to remember that. Also remember to sleep, relax, not faint, break out in blisters, and to slow down.

Here's to you gals, too. I hope you all have a lovely (relaxing) weekend that's fress of blisters, fainting spells, and the like!

rings from jukserei + catbird 

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area rugs, yo.


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