Good Reads: 8 May 2015

Friday mornings have became a favorite time of the week.

Aside from the fact that it's just Friday morning, it also means I get to review all the makers and retailers I've found during the week and put together my maker list, which you can see on Instagram or at the bottom of this email.

Then, I get to try to not buy anything, pre-move. (More thoughts on shopping slowly and consciously to come.)

This week was one of those wholly uneventful ones where I kept my head down and focused on work. Tried to ignore the passing days on the calendar as we await news on our move.

But it wasn't all doom and gloom. For the first time as a professional adult lady, I made the decision to invest in myself for a project related to this blog. It felt amazing, powerful, and honestly very deserved.

Throughout our whole immigration process, one thing I've come to learn is the value of hiring someone when you need help. Whether it's a lawyer, an advisor, designer, copywriter, accountant, or whatever else, in my experience it's almost always worth it. And if nothing else, having an expert at your disposal is great for peace of mind. Kind of like a professionally qualified mom in a very weird way.

I guess what I'm saying is, if you're on the fence about hiring someone to help you out, or to advise you on most anything, you should probably just do it. I don't think you'll regret it. 

But that's enough biz talk for Friday.

Hope you have a great weekend, eat lots of pastries, and get up to something super fun! And if you want to hang out or just say hey over the weekend, you can find me here.

 Have a good one, guys!

just discovered the wonderful woven magazine and am looking forward to doing a little back reading this weekend. 

cool ladies, and the coolest lady

this little slice of genius will make you laugh. but really.

a beautifully crafted story about silk road – am i the last person to know about this? (yes)

how women undermine themselves with words. (via clementine)

the reed launched last friday and it's just as good as you thought it would be. (this is my favorite piece)

stephen colbert is oprah for south carolina teachers. 

attn: euro friends – greatly now lets you shop by location, which means it's a lot easier to shop pieces from small makers in the uk and mainland europe.

amy schumer forever.

this kitchen makeover is both beautiful and realistic. can we talk about that table setup? can't even deal.

after seeing this look, i'm officially boarding the teva train.

if you haven't yet seen that times piece on nail salons in new york, you need to it.

more ceramic porn. (don't take that literally)

makers: found this consultancy (and retailer) that works and collaborates with the independent creative community. neat, right?


favorite finds this week:

 the safari collective / rachel craven / the future kept / tink & tiger / dallas daws / bon boutique / bibelot & token / clomes / paper & clay / enrou (via designgood) / hey rooster (via designsponge) / victor athletics (via tomboy style) / jukserei / Hunter The Label / kara handbags / sword + fern / cuero & mor / her the label