Good Reads: 29 May 2015

Anyone else feel like this week flew by? Obviously it was a short week, but still. I feel like I was busting my buns every single day and my to do list is still thislong. But man, it feels good. I thrive in times of busyness and love me a good, long to do list. The satisfaction that comes with crossing something off a list is maybe one of my favorite things in the world.

I don't want to go into details because I'm paranoid, nervous, and incredibly superstitious at this point but we got some really great visa news this week. In a few more weeks, I might have an actual, concrete announcement to make about our move. Yeeps! Stay tuned, stay tuned, stay tuned.

Headed out for burgers and beers tonight, followed by a weekend of park walks and diving into this book. I've been thinking about reading it since it first came out and decided to finally bite the bullet after Julie recommended it.

What are you guys up to? Whatever it is, I hope you have a good one!

total babe alert: jesse kamm has the coolest life, approach, and vibe ever. 

worthy tee for a worthy cause. 

had the pleasure of interviewing this everyday icon for clementine daily. 

these simple earrings from agjc are even more beautiful in person.

my friend jess decided she wanted to move abroad. she put in the work, got herself a visa, and now lives in london after 10 years in brussels. she did all of this alone, which i think is important to mention. she's incredible, and this is a necessary read for anyone who dreams of moving abroad, traveling the world, or changing careers. (also, follow her on instagram. her shots of london are ridiculously lovely.)

would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this common workplace problem.

this hat is everywhere right now, including on my wishlist and on need supply co. who just so happen to have an incredible international shipping policy. re-reading my own post on slow shopping, reminding myself of moving costs and visa fees, and trying not to buy it. (moral support is appreciated.) damn you, brookes boswell!

a look at the work of mary ellen mark.

feeling very weird about all of this "wife bonus" talk.

independent women.  


favorite finds this week: blades natural beauty / littionary / otherwild / vamp shoes / radical yes / aleph ceramics / wacamole / such & such co. / letitia elizabeth / 36north / barruntando / formation / worley's lighting (via suite one studio) / i wear cake (featuring work by lovely little arrow studio) / diario de una couturier / cord shoes + boots / foxwares pottery / brass clothing